Never Late, Never Away Chapter 210

Finnick waited anxiously for a long while before Xavier finally arrived.

Since the nanny already went back, Finnick got up from his wheelchair.

In fact, everything that he did at the auction was not tiring. The only tiring thing for him was being in the wheelchair the whole time.

Finnick poured Xavier a glass of red wine.

Xavier accepted it and muttered, “Red wine? Seriously? Do you love wine so much that you still want to drink it even after your clothes were drenched in it?”

He leaned over and took a sniff at Finnick’s clothes, he then covered his nose and teased, “You reek of alcohol, dude. Haha. It seems that you’re quite a good drinker.”

However, Finnick paid no heed to his teasing and simply asked anxiously, “Stop joking around. Tell me now, what do you mean by what you said on the phone? Any news on the silk scarf?”

“Why are you in such a hurry when we have all the time in the world? You’re no fun. Don’t you feel tired wearing that stern face and acting cool all the time?” retorted Xavier with a happy look on his face.

Sitting on the sofa, Finnick urged, “Stop messing with me! Tell me about the silk scarf now. What did you recall? Spill it and stop testing my patience.”

“Okay, okay.” Xavier raised his hands up in surrender and added, “You have to thank someone from the charity auction. It was because of her that I recalled the things about the silk scarf.”

“Who is it?” Finnick waited for Xavier’s answer.

Seeing the eager look on Finnick’s face, Xavier burst into laughter and made fun of him, “Look at you, getting so anxious. Haha. It’s hilarious.”

Finnick grabbed Xavier by the collar and growled, “Enough with your games! Come on, tell me now, who is she?”

“Let go of me! I’ll say it. I’ll say it, okay?”

Finnick loosened his grip, and Xavier took a step back, he said, “It’s Ashley! If you hadn’t shielded Vivian from the wine that was poured by Ashley and gotten yourself drenched in wine, I wouldn’t have remembered it. When I was wiping your clothes with a silk scarf, it felt like Deja vu to me…”

Xavier pretended to be deep in thought, while Finnick waited for his next words without suspecting anything.

After a few moments of waiting, Finnick finally realized something was off.

Approaching Xavier, he stared into Xavier’s eyes and threatened, “Xavier Jackson, can you stop keeping me in suspense? My patience is wearing thin and if you keep this up, I’ll show you no mercy!”

“Geez, I just want to take it easy for once. Look at you, getting all hot and bothered.”

Xavier kept grinning at Finnick as he beckoned to him and ordered, “Come on then. Serve me.”

“Are you done grinning and messing around?” Finnick planned to maim Xavier if he continued to keep him guessing.

After Xavier had enough fun, he said to Finnick, “I can tell you about the silk scarf, Finnick, but on one condition.”

Having figured it out, Finnick replied, “I knew it. Well, spit it out then.”

“Pinky promise!” Xavier held up his little finger.

Finnick slapped Xavier’s hand away and replied, “What are we, three-year-old kids?”

With the grin still plastered on his face, Xavier said, “Reopen my silk scarf factory immediately. I’m innocent, and the factory’s innocent as well. Without the silk scarf factory, I have no allowance! It’s all your fault, Finnick. You have no idea how many girls I’ve missed out on during this period!”

Finnick sat back on the sofa and asserted, “It’s not difficult to reopen the silk scarf factory, but it depends on the value of the clues you’ll be providing.”

“Don’t worry. It’s definitely very valuable.” Xavier sat down and continued, “Moreover, it’s definitely a truth that’s beyond your imagination.”


Finnick felt his heart began to pound. Who was Vivian with at Century Hotel two years ago… He didn’t dare to think about it further.

Xavier suddenly asked, “Do you really want to know, Finnick?”


“Are you sure?”

Finnick took a deep breath and replied, “Yes, I’m sure. I can handle it. Just tell me.”

“Alright, then.”

This time, Xavier sat down calmly and recounted seriously, “Do you remember that you had a fierce argument with Benedict at a dinner banquet like this two years ago? You accidentally got red wine spilled on your clothes, and I lent you my silk scarf.”

Finnick gave it a hard thought before answering, “I think so.”

He remembered that after the argument with Benedict that night, he had too much to drink and felt unwell, so he left before the dinner was over.

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