Never Late, Never Away Chapter 211

Finnick remembered that the dinner party was held at a place not far away from Century Hotel. Seeing that the expression on Finnick’s face had changed drastically, Xavier put on a mischievous look and said, “What’s wrong, Mr. Norton? Did you remember something?”

“I… I…” Finnick’s voice had left him.

This time it was Xavier’s turn to be driven crazy by Finnick.

“Then, you had a little too much to drink, and you went to Century Hotel…” Only then did it strike Finnick. His memories of that night from two years ago came back to him like a flood.

That night, Finnick had attended a dinner party where the elites gathered. He was arguing with Benedict when he realized he wasn’t feeling himself. His body felt feverish, and he suspected that someone had spiked his drink.

Worried for his own safety, he had instructed Noah to send him to a hotel nearby. At this thought, Finnick grabbed his phone and called Noah. “Hello? Noah, do you remember that night two years ago at a dinner party when I told you that there was something wrong with my drink and then I asked you to send me to a hotel? Do you recall anything about it? What’s the name of the hotel?”

Xavier wondered what did Noah say as he watched Finnick put down his phone slowly. He asked, “What did Noah say? Was it him who sent you to Century Hotel? Was it?”

Noah nodded in disbelief.

Isn’t it too much of a coincidence?

“Ah-ha! Do you remember what happened next?” Xavier asked.

Finnick, after Noah’s confirmation, trusted that he remembered all that had happened.

That day, Noah had gotten him a standard room at Century Hotel, as the VIP suites were all fully booked. After settling him down at the hotel, Noah had then gone back to get him a change of clothes. Finnick remembered that the drug was so potent that his body was like on fire.

Unable to suppress the effects of the drug, he had unbuttoned his clothes to make himself feel cooler. However, it didn’t last long as his body had started to get restless, like a cat in heat desperate for a mate.

Finnick couldn’t bear it anymore. His body felt unusually uncomfortable, as though a time bomb had been planted inside.

He had to look for a woman to quench his thirst, and the sooner the better.

Finnick remembered that as he stumbled out the door, his face burning up and his mouth dry, he saw an old man next door helping a drunken woman inside.

Finnick had thought to himself that this woman must have accepted the old man’s money to serve him in bed.

He rejoiced in his heart, as he could propose a trade for the woman. The old man was initially reluctant. But tempted by Finnick’s offers, and sensing that Finnick was no ordinary man by the way he dressed, the old man caved in as he handed the unconscious woman to Finnick and walked away.

Thereupon, Finnick helped the woman into his room, where he transformed into a beast, pouncing on the woman lying on the bed. He could vaguely smell the fresh and light fragrance of her hair. Finnick wondered if Vivian was the woman whom he had purchased from the old man that night. He couldn’t recall the woman’s features, but there was something about her that was similar to Vivian—her body, her skin, and the fragrance of her hair.

Xavier looked at Finnick, breaking the latter’s reverie as he interrupted, “Hey, bro. Should I congratulate you?” Finnick’s heart skipped a beat, feeling somewhat relieved that Vivian didn’t give her first time to that old man, nor any other loser but him.

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