Never Late, Never Away Chapter 212

Looks like Finnick has remembered all of it. I was right! I can finally clear my name now! “This sure is fate, bro! It turns out that you and Vivian took the shortcut! How bold!” Xavier said.

Finnick shot him a dirty look. “Don’t you say that about Vivian.”

“I’m talking about you! You’ve untangled the knot in your heart. I’ve accomplished the task you gave me with honor, bro! So, uh… Can my factory start running again? You can’t go back on your word!” Xavier said.

“Tomorrow it is. You can leave now,” Finnick said. Xavier had wanted to get wasted with him, but little did he expect Finnick to chase him away.

Hmph, hoes before bros! Oh well, at least we got the truth now.

Vivian was sleeping soundly when Finnick returned to the room. He wondered what she was dreaming, as there was a ghost of a smile on her face. Finnick couldn’t help but stroke her fair skin, which was exposed to the air. But afraid of waking her up, he adjusted the quilt by pulling it over her shoulders.

At that moment, he was reminded again of that night two years ago.

In fact, he did remember that night. But as it was so sudden, he couldn’t remember which hotel it was and didn’t expect such a coincidence. That night had been a pleasant one. He had rejected many women in the past, but not the stranger that night. Now that he thought about it, it wasn’t the drug that made him lose control, but because the stranger was Vivian.

Finnick couldn’t help thinking that it was fate that brought them together, allowing them to reunite, get married, and fall in love with each other after two years. Or perhaps he had already fallen in love with her since that night. How else could it explain his lust and greed for her body?

When he had woken up the next day to find the little red blotches on the sheet, he had told Noah to leave twenty thousand behind as compensation.

After all, a woman’s first time was priceless, and he didn’t want to treat her shabbily. As it was late at night, the room was dark, and the woman was lying with her back to him so he couldn’t get a good look at the woman’s face. Therefore, when Vivian appeared before him two years later, he couldn’t recognize her either, because his memory of that night was hazy.

If it weren’t for Xavier’s reminder, he probably wouldn’t have remembered so many details.

Finnick was lost in thoughts when Vivian rolled over and opened her eyes to see the man gawking at her. She reckoned that Xavier had come and gone. Vivian lay on her back, rubbing her eyes groggily as she asked, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Finnick patted her head and breathed, “Nothing. I was just thinking how nice it is that I’ve met you.”

Vivian couldn’t make head or tail of Finnick’s behavior. She asked, “Why are you staring at me? Did something happen again?” “No, everything’s fine.”

Finnick leaned in for a kiss.

Yes, that’s how it felt at that time. How stupid am I? If I had known that it was her from two years ago, I’d have loved her even more. Hey, stranger, we’re back together again. Although you don’t know that person is me yet… I’ll tell you when the time is right.

Tantalized by Finnick’s kiss, Vivian stretched out to stroke his firm back. She had fallen in love with his body. It was warm and comfortable, so much so that it felt as if she was lying on a bed of clouds. Finnick gently removed her pajamas and trailed his fingers across her fair skin, losing himself in the moment as he committed every part of her body to memory.

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