Never Late, Never Away Chapter 213

The next day, Finnick arrived at the office looking as cheery as ever. He called Noah into his office and said, “You don’t have to look into what happened two years ago. I already know who was the man who touched Vivian that night.”

Noah looked at his boss in shock.

Is this what they call a plot twist?

“Are you sure it was Century Hotel that you sent me to two years ago?” Finnick asked, wanting to confirm with Noah again.

“Yes, I’m sure. You asked me on the phone last night… Century Hotel! Oh, God! Mr. Norton!” Finally understanding Finnick’s words, Noah exclaimed, “Was Mrs. Norton the woman you slept with that night?” Finnick nodded, and Noah was happy for him.

This sure is God’s divine intervention! I can’t believe we’ve actually saved Mrs. Norton from falling into an evildoer’s trap by accident! More so, Mr. and Mrs. Norton had even gotten married two years later after their one-night stand without knowing it.

Noah asked Finnick excitedly, “Does Mrs. Norton know about this, Mr. Norton?”

“I don’t plan to tell her so soon,” Finnick answered.

Noah couldn’t wrap his head around it.

Wouldn’t it be a happy ending if he tells Mrs. Norton about it? Why didn’t he tell her?

Finnick didn’t explain why but only instructed Noah to do one thing.

Meanwhile, upon returning to the magazine company in the afternoon after an interview, Vivian felt a terrible headache when she saw her colleagues huddled together, gossiping. “What’s with the commotion? What are you guys looking at?” she asked.

Sarah pulled Vivian by the hand and said, “There’s this interesting photo circulating on the Internet regarding Finnor Group’s president, Finnick Norton, and his wife. Come, look!”

Vivian had a nasty shock at Sarah’s words. This is bad. We got caught on camera! Things are about to get exposed! I don’t want them to find out so soon that I’m Mrs. Norton, lest they criticize me behind my back.

“No, no, no. I don’t wanna see!” Vivian panicked. What should I do if they recognize me? How should I explain? Will they ostracize me just because I’m Mrs. Norton?

“What are you afraid of? An ugly daughter-in-law will have to face her parents-in-law sooner or later! Come, quick!” An ugly daughter-in-law will have to face her parents-in-law sooner or later? Are they calling me ugly? Have they already… Damned photos! Damned stalker! Damn it! Damn it! Am I busted? What should I do? Should I make a run for it?

“God! Just who in the world is this photographer?” Ken, the photographer, shrieked. “Can he be any more unprofessional? This photo is too blurry!”

“What a pity! It was a rare shot! But this man sure is Mr. Norton. His noble and handsome temperament had sold him out,” Sarah said.

“Yeah. In the photo, he’s still in a wheelchair. I supposed Mr. Norton is the only big shot in the industry who uses a wheelchair,” someone chimed in.

“Why? Are you men jealous too?” Sarah said.

What? The photo is blurry? Thank God! But they could still tell that Finnick was the man in the picture. What about me? Perhaps they didn’t recognize me. Vivian rejoiced in her heart. How could I be so lucky?

Stepping forward, Vivian saw that it was indeed a photo of her and Finnick at the charity auction.

This picture sure is blurry. Besides, they’ve never seen me in an evening dress, so how could they recognize me from the photo?

Only then did Vivian feel relieved. Soon it was time to clock out. Everyone was still studying the photo, trying to dig up articles about the charity auction but to no results. The articles written for the auction were very official, with little substance, unlike the photo of Finnick and his wife posted by an anonymous person.

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