Never Late, Never Away Chapter 214

Vivian was the first to walk out of the office. She didn’t want to stay there any longer, feeling as though her heart was going to leap out of his throat from the tension. “Leaving so soon, Vivian?” Ken spoke in a loud voice. “We’ve made plans to have dinner together. Come join us.”

Vivian looked back at Ken. “Maybe next time. You guys have fun. I’m going home first.”

Finnick’s probably at home, waiting for me to have dinner together. And after dinner, we can probably catch a movie together like any other ordinary couple. Vivian’s departing back suddenly gave Ken an idea as he started comparing her to the woman in the blurry photo. He patted Sarah’s shoulders and said, “Is it just me, or does Vivian look like the woman in the photo?”

“No way. Vivian never dresses up like that. How could she be the woman in the picture? It’s impossible that she’s Mrs. Norton,” Sarah said in disbelief, thinking that Ken must have gone mad from staring too long at the picture.

However, as a photographer, Ken had a keen eye for detail. Upon hearing Ken’s word, everyone inspected the picture again and thought that Vivian indeed looked similar to the mysterious Mrs. Norton. To love someone is to think of them all the time. Vivian couldn’t seem to get rid of the thought of Finnick as she wondered what he was up to at this moment.

In the car, Vivian was swiping through Twitter, and the first article that caught her attention was the news of Finnor Group, which had garnered many retweets and comments. Finnick’s company was about to launch a new fund.

It had great significance, as it would be the largest fund in the history of Sunshine City. The netizens were talking enthusiastically about Finnick online, mostly with words of praise for him.

“Wow! As expected of Finnor Group!”

“I’m so proud to call myself an employee of Finnor Group!”

“Oh, God! I fell in love with Finnick Norton all over again!”

“I want to get a kiss from him. His wife is so blessed to kiss him every day.”

Deep down, Vivian was very proud of her husband. Finnick was a perfect man. Although he appeared to be cold and aloof on the outside, he was kind and gentle on the inside.

Along the way, Vivian bought a cake at a dessert shop to congratulate Finnick. By the time she reached home with the cake, Finnick was already sitting at the dining table. The housemaid, on the other hand, had already clocked out after making dinner. “What’s the occasion that you bought a cake?” Finnick asked.

“I was scrolling through Twitter and it was flooded with discussions about Finnor Group’s new fund. I was happy for you, so I bought a cake on the way back to celebrate. Do you like this flavor?”

Finnick opened the cake box to see that it was a tiramisu cake. Based on Vivian’s observation, Finnick disliked sweet things, so a tiramisu cake with a light bitter taster was just right. “I like whatever you buy,” Finnick said.

Feeling shy, Vivian changed the topic, “Your company’s fund will be launching soon, isn’t it?”

“Our company is indeed preparing to launch a new fund. Once everything’s settled, I’ll take you to the press conference and I’ll get Glamour Magazine to do the interview,” Finnick said.

Vivian’s eyes immediately brightened at that. She stood up, bowed to him, and said, “Thank you for giving Glamour Magazine this opportunity.”

Finnick feigned a haughty look as he pointed at the dishes on the table and said, “I want to eat this. Feed me!”

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