Never Late, Never Away Chapter 215

Vivian deliberately picked up a piece of meat with a fork and put it to the side of Finnick’s mouth.

Finnick shook his head. “Feed me with your mouth.”

Vivian was about to snap when Finnick cocked an eyebrow and added, “Do you still want to interview us at the press conference?”

Bullying me, aren’t you? You jerk!

But for the sake of the magazine company, Vivian obediently put the piece of meat in her mouth and moved closer to Finnick. With a stretch of his hand, Vivian fell on his lap as he caught the meat with his mouth, thereafter mashing his lips against hers.

Over the next few days, Finnick was so busy with the new fund that he would only return home late at night. Vivian’s heart ached for him. No matter how late it was, she would stay up to wait for him just so she could give him a massage and allow him to do her and caress her however he pleased.

Although Finnick was the one moving all the time, he needed it to relax his mind. This day, a few people from Glamour Magazine had gathered to discuss the theme and content for the magazine’s next issue. None of the recent events was newsworthy besides the launching of Finnor Group’s new fund. However, not every media outlet was eligible to attend the press conference. If other magazines were to steal the limelight with such an exclusive story, their magazine sales this time would most definitely hit rock bottom. Just as everyone was racking their brains for ideas, Vivian piped up, “Perhaps we can attend the press conference.”

Lesley, the senior editor, suddenly saw hope.

Wasn’t it Vivian who took the credit for the picture of Finnick and Yasmin previously? “You have an idea?” Everyone spoke in unison.

As Mrs. Norton, Vivian suddenly piped down, feeling a tad guilty. “Come on, Vivian. Tell us. What is it?” Sarah prodded, nudging her.

Vivian mustered her courage and said, “Um, my husband told me a few days ago that Glamour Magazine is also on the list of outlets media to be invited by Finnor Group. I guess they didn’t get to inform us yet.”

Damn! Vivian’s husband sure is impressive! Glamour Magazine is going to prosper this year! With this piece of information, we can start preparing now and catch our competitors off guard!

“Your husband sure is amazing, Vivian. I admire him so much! It’s like he always there to seal the deal when it comes to matter with Finnor Group. Your husband is definitely not an ordinary employee,” Sarah said.

“Nah, he’s not that great… Maybe it’s just a coincidence,” Vivian said sheepishly.

“Whatever it is, you’ve saved us again, Vivian. You’ve saved the entire company. We should treat you to dinner tonight. What do you guys think?” Jenny asked.

“Yes, yes. Vivian is the lucky star of our company. Ask your husband to come with you,” someone chimed in.

“No, no, no. It’s okay. You guys don’t have to stand on ceremony. Besides, my husband is busy,” Vivian said in a fluster.

“Hey, Vivian. What exactly does your husband work as at Finnor Group? If he’s that capable and all-knowing, could he be a janitor who can run around from office to office?” Shannon, the black-hearted and jealous woman and the killjoy of the company, gave a spiteful remark, earning herself a glare from Sarah and Jenny. Sarah couldn’t help but gossip again as she asked, “Vivian, tell us, quick. What does your husband do? I’m sure he’s not a janitor. Someone is just jealous and has a foul mouth!”

“Who the hell are you talking about, Sarah?” Shannon exploded.

“Who am I talking about?” Sarah looked askance at her. “Who do you think so?”

“Hmph!” Shannon grabbed her notebook and left the office in a fit of rage. Faced with everyone’s incessant questions and curious eyes, Vivian said helplessly, “I’m sorry. I just remembered that I have an interview later and I’ll have to leave soon. We’ll talk again next time.”

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