Never Late, Never Away Chapter 216

Vivian fled, only to intrigue her colleagues further.

Why is Vivian so secretive about her husband? Why does she refuse to introduce him all the time? When Vivian exited the company, she received a call from Harvey. “Vivian, I heard that your mother has woken up. How is she? Was she hospitalized again?” Harvey asked.

“Mom has woken up, and she’s doing fine now. She needs to rest,” Vivian replied.

Harvey started reminiscing about the past, how he had fallen in love with Rachel at first sight at those long black hair that cascaded down her shoulders and that pair of beautiful red lips.

Unfortunately, he had to give up on her as he had to rely on Emma’s family’s help to deal with the crisis that the Miller family’s company was facing at that time. For many years, Vivian had held a grudge against him for his own perfidy, and Emma had not given Rachel a break, never letting him get closer to her.

Now that Rachel had woken up, he simply wanted to give her a call and listen to her voice and ask for her forgiveness. Just as Harvey was lost for words, Emma, who came out of nowhere, snatched the phone from him. “Hello? Vivian, is that you? It’s me, Emma. We’re having dinner together this weekend and you have to join us.” Upon hearing Emma’s voice, Vivian’s hatred for her obsequious father deepened.

How did he even fall in love with such a violent woman?

Vivian didn’t want to go back when she recalled how she was treated the last time she went back. She had had enough, and she wanted to avoid them as much as she could, so she said, “I’m sorry. I’ll be working overtime on Sunday.”

“Overtime? That’s not a problem,” Emma laughed dryly.

“Isn’t Fabian your supervisor? I’ll just ask him to give you a day off on that day. I don’t care. You must come this Sunday.”

Why is she insisting on me going over this Sunday? She’s not the kind of person who would graciously extent an invitation.

Unable to turn her down, Vivian had no choice but to agree. Emma hung up in satisfaction and gave Harvey a dirty look. “Don’t look for Rachel ever again. Just pretend she didn’t wake up.”

Harvey had wanted to ask more about Rachel’s condition. But seeing that Emma had hung up the phone, he lowered his head in silence.

I guess I can only try to ask Vivian when she comes back this Sunday.

Finnick knew at once that it wasn’t a pleasant phone call from the frown on Vivian’s face. He asked, “How about I go with you?”

After a moment of hesitation, she said, “It’s fine. I’ll go on my own.”

Knowing the situation at home and the despicable attitude of those people, she didn’t want him to get involved in such a problematic household. At the same time, she wanted to have a little more dignity in front of Finnick. Sunday soon arrived, and Vivian turned up at the Miller family’s doorstep as promised.

After knocking on the door, the housemaid ushered her inside. Emma was sitting on the sofa, drinking tea, and sitting opposite her were Ashley and Fabian. Seeing that Vivian had arrived, Emma got up with a smug look on her face, saying, “What took you so long? The whole family is waiting for you.”

When Fabian looked back and saw that it was Vivian, his heart lurched. “I’m sorry. I was caught in a traffic jam,” Vivian explained.

Fabian quickly eased the situation. “Oh, it’s all right. We’ve just arrived as well.”

Ashley put on a placid look, not wanting to acknowledge her or spare her a glance. “Tell Sir to get ready for dinner,” Emma said to the housemaid. “He’s in his study tinkering with something.”

Emma seems exceptionally happy today. Did something good happen?

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