Never Late, Never Away Chapter 217

“Vivian, you’re here.” Harvey was elated to see his daughter when he came out from the study. “Come, let’s eat.”

Vivian followed Harvey to the dining table. The dining table, decorated with a large bouquet of flowers, was set with many dishes and a bottle of wine that Harvey had treasured for years. Once everyone was seated, they were each poured a glass of wine. “Today’s a very special day,” Emma started, raising her glass. “My daughter, Ashley is pregnant and she and Fabian are getting married!”

I get it now. That’s the Emma I know. She just wants to show off.

Emma was very pleased with Fabian as she kept refilling his plate. Seeing that Vivian was eating silently with her head down, Emma assumed she was having an inferiority complex as she said, “Vivian, you’re married, too. Why didn’t you come over with your husband today? Is it because he’s too poor and you dared not bring him home? Haha, it makes sense now that I think about it. How can your husband be compared to Fabian?” Vivian put down her cutlery. “I’m done. Enjoy your meal.”

“What’s the hurry? Have a few more drinks. Don’t be a party pooper,” Emma said.

Ashley tried to stop Emma’s antics, but the latter simply didn’t care nor did she understand. Fabian didn’t feel good inside. He wanted to protect Vivian when he saw how she was being tormented by Emma. But now that he was about to get married to Ashley, who was he to do that? “Look at that filthy ring on your finger. Can your husband even feed you?” Emma continued. “You’d better not come back with him and ask your father for money. Ah, with no charm and no innocence, you can only marry a poor man. Your whole life is over. A woman should live a comfortable life and be treated like a princess. That’s a happy life. What a pity, Vivian. Why is your life so pathetic?”

“Mom, let’s talk about something else,” Ashley tried to tell her mother to shut up and stop talking. But Emma wouldn’t back down.

She was determined to let Vivian know today that she was no match for her daughter. “Ashley’s really kind, isn’t she? She’s afraid that you’ll feel inferior as her elder sister. Don’t take it too hard, eh?” Emma went on. “You’ll never turn your life around. It’s not easy to climb to the top from the bottom. When will you become rich when you don’t even have the capability? Fabian’s the son of the Norton family, who has a silver-spoon upbringing. I don’t have to worry about Ashley marrying him. I’m sure he won’t let Ashley suffer.”

“Mom, stop it!” Ashley shouted in embarrassment.

You’re only humiliating yourself! If only you knew who Vivian’s husband is… Emma refused to stop bragging and was just about to speak when Harvey received a call.

Seeing how Harvey’s expression had changed, as though his soul had left his body after answering the call, Emma inched closer to him and asked, “What happened? You don’t look so good.” Harvey feigned calmness.

But the more he tried to hide, the more he exposed himself. Emma’s skin prickled with apprehension. “That big business of the Miller family is under investigation. I don’t know who did that, but all the funds of the company might be frozen,” Harvey said.

Emma’s face paled at that piece of shocking news. She refused to believe it was true.

“You’re lying to me, aren’t you, Harvey? Say something! T-This isn’t true, isn’t it? This isn’t true…” Emma stammered.

“It’s true! The Miller family is done for!” Harvey declared with a grim expression.

The Miller family had invested a lot in this business, even taking loans from the bank. If something shady were to be discovered during the investigation, the Miller family would be at risk of bankruptcy.

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