Never Late, Never Away Chapter 218

Ashley couldn’t care less about her image anymore, as she looked like a cat on hot bricks.

It wasn’t easy for Fabian and me to get together. Now that the Miller family’s in trouble, what would Fabian think of me? Would he take a penniless woman as his wife?

“Fabian, what should we do? What should I do? You must think of something to help Dad!” Ashley implored.

“Nothing can go wrong with this business deal or the Miller family is finished!” Emma was psyched out as well.

Frozen account? God! Are we going to go bankrupt? How am I supposed to live without all these luxuries?

“What have you done, Harvey? How could you let the company get into trouble?” Emma rebuked. “Have you offended anyone? Or were you cheated? Why is my life so miserable? I’m finally at the age to enjoy a happy life after suffering with you for so many years. How are we going to pay off this debt in this lifetime?”

At that, Emma started sobbing. As Ashley went up to comfort her, her tears started falling as well.

Fabian frowned.

“Don’t worry, Mr. and Mrs. Miller. I’ll see to the end of this. You need not worry too much. Just take care of yourself.” Harvey reproached himself as well.

How could I be so careless? I was sure that there wasn’t any problem when I investigated them previously. Why is it so sudden that we’re being investigated to the point of getting our accounts frozen?

Fabian walked toward the windows and made a few calls. Vivian was also taken aback by the sudden change in her family. Emma was just showing off her luxurious life and her rich son-in-law when her hopes and dreams shattered within seconds.

Life sure is unpredictable.

Emma was still bawling her eyes out while Ashley and Harvey had lost their spirits. After making a few calls, Fabian came back, looking even worse. “This matter is not that simple. The other party is very mysterious and powerful. Even my men aren’t capable to find out who he is at the moment.”

Hearing that, Emma’s body was wracked with sobs. “Who is it who wants to cross the Miller family so much?”

Harvey sat frozen on the couch, clutching his chest.

Fabian quickly poured him a glass of warm water, comforting him at the side. Feeling that her presence was somewhat unnecessary, Vivian quietly left the Miller residence.

At Vivian’s retreating back, Ashley was suddenly reminded of Finnick’s warning that he would make the Miller family pay if they were to bully Vivian again.

Yes, this must be it! It’s Finnick! Who else in Sunshine City could have such power to strike so mercilessly?

Ashley quickly caught up with Vivian, grabbing her by the arm to stop her from leaving. Surprised, Vivian barked, “What the hell is your problem, Ashley? What did I do to you? Let me go!”

“The nerve of you to ask me that! How cruel of you to not even spare your own father, Vivian. You’re a demon!” Ashley snapped.

Vivian still couldn’t wrap her head around Ashley’s words. “Tell me, did you ask Finnick to teach the Miller family a lesson?” Ashley questioned. “My dad is your dad, too. How could you be so shameless? I stole your man, so you want to get back at us, don’t you?”

Where does that even come from? I’ve never told Finnick about that. I’m not that petty to do such things to vent my anger.

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