Never Late, Never Away Chapter 219

“Don’t you dare accuse me, Ashley,” Vivian snapped back. “I’m not as nasty as you say. You think I’m as bored as you are to do this? Hear me, Ashley. It wasn’t me and I don’t see the need for this.”

No matter how much Vivian denied it, Ashley was certain that she was the one who instigated Finnick to do this.

“It’s not enough that you hooked up with my fiancé, but now you’re sending your husband to mess with the Miller family. You want to cut off our financial resources and live a poor life like you, don’t you? Haha, I really underestimated you! Call Finnick now and ask him to stop! Hurry!”

How could I have such an evil sister?

“Watch your mouth, Ashley,” Vivian said expressionlessly. “I’ve never hooked up with Fabian, nor did I ask Finnick to mess with you. This is all your imagination! It saddens me to know you guys. I’m off now.”

“Where do you think you’re going?” Ashley tugged at Vivian and wouldn’t let her leave at all. “Don’t you think about leaving until this is settled, Vivian. Get back here, you b*tch!” Vivian and Ashley were tugging at each other in the garden when the latter accidentally took a fall. Vivian instinctively went forward to help her up, but she flung her arm away with a swing.

“I don’t need your help! Stop pretending, Vivian!” Ashley screamed. “You think I’m stupid? You’re jealous inside. You just can’t stand the fact that Fabian and I are getting married. Just like how you used to tear my princess dress when we were younger!”

Vivian froze. “Princess dress? What princess dress?”

“Stop pretending, Vivian,” Ashley sneered. “How can you be so forgetful?”

Vivian might have forgotten, but Ashley could still remember like it was yesterday.

“I bought a very pretty limited edition Disney princess dress when we were younger. You were jealous of me, so you damaged it on purpose while we were away. You may have forgotten such nasty things, but I can still remember them very well!” Ashley said angrily.

Vivian thought about it for a long time and only then did she remember that there was such an episode. When she was just a little girl, Rachel, who had been sick and incapable back then, entrusted Harvey to look after her temporarily. That day, Ashley had come home happily, holding a limited edition Disney princess dress in her hands. It was the most beautiful dress Vivian had ever seen, and it made her envious.

There’s a princess living in every little girls’ heart and Vivian was no exception.

Vivian had told Ashley that she wanted to borrow it and wear it once. But Ashley wouldn’t allow it, no matter what. She had even called Vivian a beggar who didn’t deserve to wear a dress and that she should be begging on the street. Vivian was extremely upset and had returned to her room without having any dinner. But Vivian couldn’t seem to forget about that dress. Therefore, seizing the opportunity while the family had left her alone at home one day, she secretly put on the dress and went roaming on the street.

It was a sunny day for the young Vivian.

There was no one on the street, making her feel as though as she had arrived in a fairytale.

Then it appeared that something had happened that caused her to damage the dress.

Ashley had burst out in anger when she returned and had Harvey and Emma castigate her.

Vivian’s brows creased into a slight frown. If it weren’t for Ashley who reminded her, that piece of memory would have remained buried in the ground.

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