Never Late, Never Away Chapter 220

As Vivian was still trying hard to retrieve her memory, Ashley interrupted her train of thought, “Hey! Don’t you think you can deny the fact just because you’re quiet! You’ve been a jealous b*tch since you were a kid and now you’re getting even more aggressive by trying to steal my man and making me bankrupt! How could there be such an evil woman like you in this world?”

Goaded beyond endurance, Vivian retorted, “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m not interested in your things. I’m really sorry about the princess dress, but I definitely didn’t do it on purpose. Besides, you’d tormented me enough by having me scrub the dishes at your place for days. What happened to the Miller family this time has nothing to do with me.”

Despite the explanation, Ashley was adamant that the seizure of the Miller family’s company was her doing. Not wanting to dwell on this matter with her, Vivian simply left the Miller residence in frustration.

On the way, Vivian was suddenly reminded of a picture that Finnick had shown her before this—the picture of Finnick’s savior from childhood. In the picture, the little girl seemed to be wearing a dress identical to Ashley’s Disney princess dress. Vivian thought it was a coincidence. As for the investigation with the Miller family’s company, Ashley’s suspicion wasn’t entirely impossible because it was too sudden and it happened shortly after the charity auction.

Vivian decided to ask Finnick when she went back to unravel the truth, lest Ashley badger her about it.

At the Norton residence, Finnick was waiting for Vivian at the door in his wheelchair. Stunned and heartbroken at the sight, Vivian said, “Why are you sitting alone outside? Let’s get back inside. I’ll get the housemaid to fix you with something warm.”

Finnick gave Vivian a once-over. “Are you all right? Did the Miller family trouble you?”

Vivian shook her head and made a swirl in front of Finnick. “I’m fine. Look at me. I’m standing here in one piece, aren’t I?”

Only then did Finnick return inside with Vivian in relief. The housemaid fixed Finnick a cup of hot cocoa. Vivian urged Finnick to drink it while it was hot before speaking hesitantly, “So I was with the Miller family today, and it turned out that Emma wanted to brag in front of me that Ashley and Fabian are getting married. Later on, my dad received a call saying that one of his business dealings is under investigation and his account got frozen. It seems like they’re going bankrupt soon.”

Finnick nodded. “I know.”

“You know about this? So Ashley was right. It was you behind the Miller family’s crisis, wasn’t it?” Vivian questioned.

“Yes,” Finnick admitted straightforwardly. “I want to teach them a lesson, especially Ashley.”

Vivian knew he was doing this for her, and it was because he was worried about her safety that he waited for her in the cold wind just now. Vivian was very touched deep inside. For the first time, someone was willing to wait for her and protect her. So how could she get mad at him? However, it would be too tragic for the Miller family if their company collapse.

Having survived the hard times, Vivian couldn’t bear to see the family suffer. “Is it too hard for you?” Finnick asked. “You can’t be too merciful to the enemy or they’ll think you’re an easy target.”

What’s done is done. What else can I do? Let him down? Wouldn’t I be too ungrateful then? I’ve seen how scary he can be when he gets angry.

Vivian sighed. “Forget that. I know you’re doing this for me. Besides, I couldn’t care less about the Miller family’s affairs. Just do whatever you want. But uh, just give them a little lesson and call it even. I don’t want you to sacrifice so much for me.”

Finnick nodded.

He knew his limits. If it weren’t for Vivian, he wouldn’t have dealt with them at all. He simply wanted to let them know that his woman was not someone they could mess with.

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