Never Late, Never Away Chapter 221

Ashley turned back and returned to the living room.

Harvey was sitting on the sofa, holding Emma in his arms. They were on the verge of breaking down. “I’ve always played by the rules and never held a grudge against someone when it comes to business. Who is it who wants to destroy the Miller family this time? I’m really stumped,” Harvey said, then noticing Ashley’s odd demeanor when she returned from the outside, he asked, “What are you thinking, Ashley? Did something happen?”

Ashley looked at Harvey, wondering if she should tell her father the truth. She didn’t want to exalt Vivian’s identity in front of her father, but she had no other choice now, seeing how they were standing on the edge of a cliff.

“Dad,” she said. “Perhaps it isn’t you but me who has offended someone.”

“You?” Harvey was baffled. “Ashley, what do you know? Who have you offended?”

With that temper of hers, it’s not surprising that she has crossed someone. But who exactly is that person to have such power that even Fabian was momentarily helpless?

Afraid that she was no match for Finnick, she said, “If I’m right, what happens to the Miller family is an act of revenge by the president of Finnor Group, Finnick Norton. He’s the second son of the Norton family and Fabian’s uncle.”

Finnick Norton! The famous Finnick Norton! The cold and formidable Finnick Norton!

Finnick’s name came as a bombshell to Harvey and Emma. Finnick had always been quick and efficient in his work. With his astonishing ability and intelligence, he left his enemies trembling in fear, so much so that breathing became an arduous task. Finnick had a net worth of over a hundred million, with many companies and properties under his command. His financial power alone was in a league of its own.

Emma and Harvey were confused.

The Miller family has no business dealings with him and, besides, Fabian is his nephew. Why is he sabotaging us?

“How have you offended him, sweetie?” Emma asked.

“Isn’t he Fabian’s uncle? That makes him your uncle too.” Putting the Miller family’s affairs before her dignity, Ashley made a clean breast of the truth. She said, “If it weren’t for Vivian, that little b*tch, would I have crossed such a big shot like Finnick Norton? This is all her fault. The crisis of the Miller family this time has definitely got to do with her!”

Fabian could say nothing in defense because he had suspected Finnick as well.

There was only one reason why Finnick would destroy the Miller family, and that was to protect Vivian from getting hurt again. It was Ashley who had been provoking Finnick again and again that triggered Finnick to go hard on them. Truth be told, if Fabian were to be placed in that situation, perhaps he would have done something more ruthless than Finnick.

Hearing that, Emma was even more confused.

With that status of hers, how did she get acquainted with Finnick Norton? Why would he make such a drastic move for her?

“How is that possible?” Harvey piped up, puzzled. “Vivian and Finnick Norton? How can there be a connection between them? They are two people of different worlds.”

Ashley sniggered, “How is not possible? They’re legally married.” Emma nearly fainted over at the information.

“Mom!” Ashley quickly went up to help her.

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