Never Late, Never Away Chapter 222

Harvey had taken too many blows in a day that his thoughts were in a muddle.

When did this happen? Finnick Norton is my son-in-law? He’s Vivian’s legal husband?

Harvey didn’t have to ask Ashley to know that it must have been her who constantly sought trouble with Vivian that prompted Finnick’s revenge against the Miller family.

Did Vivian know about this? Is my daughter finally getting her revenge? This must be karma!

“Dad, the most important thing now is to find a way to solve this problem,” Ashley said.

Yes, it’s easier now that we know the reason.

Harvey said, “If it’s true that Vivian and Finnick Norton are behind this, then rest assured that I’ll see to it myself.” Emma pulled Ashley aside, whispering, “Say, how do you think Vivian got married to Finnick Norton? What did she do to seduce him?”

“How do I know? I found about it suddenly,” Ashley said, feeling upset about how Vivian had stolen her limelight since her marriage with Finnick.

“That little bastard!” Emma cursed. “How could she be so cruel to step on the Miller family after climbing the social ladder? And isn’t it unfair that a person like her found a rich husband? Hah! Just sit and watch. Finnick Norton will cast her aside once he’s done playing with her. By then, she’ll be just a piece of crap left on the streets, and Rachel William, that b*tch will have to suffer. These are just a nine days’ wonder and we’ll see about that!” Emma regretted mocking Vivian’s husband just now, thinking that the latter must have been laughing at her inside when she made a fool of herself. “Mom, once Dad fixes the matter with the company, I swear I won’t leave that little bastard alone!” Ashley said.

“You’d better not mess with Vivian,” Emma advised. “Isn’t it all because of you that the Miller family is in trouble this time? Just give it a break.”

However, not willing to be outdone, Emma swore to herself that she wouldn’t let the mother-daughter pair have their way and that she would make sure to make their life a living hell.

The next morning, the first ray of sunshine woke Vivian from her sleep.

She turned to look at Finnick who was still soundly asleep.

Everything about him was so perfect that her lips curled into a smile unknowingly.

But unexpectedly, Finnick, who was pretending to be asleep, suddenly put his hand on her shoulder.

Vivian was so embarrassed that she buried herself underneath the quilt. Following suit, Finnick pulled her into his arms and gave her a long, lingering kiss. He was just about to remove her clothes when he heard the woman say, “S-Stop it. Since we’re both free today, how about we do something else?”

Thinking it was too much for her body to handle if they were to do it all the time, he reluctantly let her go and said softly, “It’s so sunny outside and it’s the weekend. How about I take you out for a walk?” Vivian gave it some thought and realized that she had never gone out alone with Finnick.

So… is this a date?

Vivian was feeling nervous inside, but more than that, she was excited as she nodded and said, “I’ll go and get ready.”

She walked toward the dressing table and stared at the table full of expensive makeup, feeling an imminent headache as she didn’t know how to begin.

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