Never Late, Never Away Chapter 223

It’s our first date. I should at least put on nice makeup, right? But given my makeup skills, am I shooting myself in the foot?

Just as Vivian was in a quandary, she received a call from Harvey.

Vivian couldn’t help frowning.

But the caller was her father, after all, so she answered the call. “Vivian, I need you to come back to the Miller residence.” Harvey sounded anxious. “It’s urgent.”

This is one of the few times that Dad has taken the initiative to ask me to go home. What good could it come out of this? Is he in the mood for a family reunion? Obviously not. He’s calling me because he needs something.

“Maybe next time. I’m busy today,” Vivian said.

“Just come over, Vivian. The Miller residence is also your home,” Harvey said.

“Dad, since when is the Miller residence my home?” Vivian asked, feeling disgusted by her father’s words. “Speak no more. I’m not going back. At least, not today.”

“Vivian! I’m actually sick!” Harvey started coughing violently. “Just come and see me.”

Dad’s sick? He has weak lungs. Did the seizure of his company cause his health to deteriorate?

Vivian’s heart softened as she promised to visit him later. Hanging up, she looked apologetically at Finnick. “I’m afraid I can’t go out with you today. My dad seems to be seriously ill, and he insisted that I go back to see him.”

Finnick thought for a moment before saying, “I’ll go with you.”

Is it okay for him to come with me at this time? What if they have found out that Finnick was the one behind all this? Will they take him alive?

At Vivian’s hesitant look, Finnick said, “I must go with you. I’m worried about you.”

“Okay.” Vivian could only compromise.

Thereafter, Finnick gave Noah a call and told him to drive them there.

Arriving at the Miller residence, Vivian told Finnick and Noah to wait for her in the car. Finnick didn’t insist this time as he nodded and watched as Vivian got down from the car. “Mr. Norton,” Noah piped up after Vivian left. “Are we just going to let Mrs. Norton go in alone? What if it’s dangerous?”

“I’m not worried about that at the moment. They don’t have the guts to touch her yet,” Finnick said.

“Mr. Norton, do you really think this Harvey Miller is terribly sick?” Noah added. “I heard nothing about it. Is there another purpose that they called Mrs. Norton to the Miller residence?”

Finnick snorted, “In short, just know that they are up to no good.” Vivian knew at once that she was deceived when she saw Harvey, Ashley and Emma sitting in the living room. She was just about to leave when Ashley squawked, “Vivian! Leaving so soon? We haven’t even spoken yet.”

Vivian stopped in her tracks, reckoning that there was no escape today.

“Dad, didn’t you say you were sick? Looks like you’re okay now, so I guess I’ll go then,” Vivian said. Emma gave Ashley a look before walking up to her gleefully. “Oh, Vivian. There’s no such thing as an overnight grudge in a family. Come sit. Have some tea and dessert.”

What’s with Emma today? What’s with the kind gesture?

Vivian was scared silly as Emma forced her to sit on the sofa. “I heard you got married to Finnick Norton,” Emma said. “This is indeed a godsent marriage. Bring him home for dinner someday.”

They know that I’m married to Finnick? Ashley must have told them.

Vivian remained silent upon grasping the situation and their intentions.

Seeing that there was no reaction from Vivian, Harvey cut to the chase as he said, “Vivian, you have to help me this time. Ask Finnick to spare the Miller family. There’s no bad blood between us, right? So why take it so seriously?”

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