Never Late, Never Away Chapter 224

They are such a bunch of hypocrites! Back in the day, they have been looking down upon me! I can’t believe they have the audacity to bring up such an absurd request in front of me!

Vivian sneered inwardly as she found them hilarious. She put on a calm front and replied, “I’m so sorry, but I have never poked my nose into Finnick’s business, and I have no intention to do so. Hence, I’m afraid I can’t be of much help.”

The faces of those from the Miller family darkened upon hearing Vivian’s reply.

Ashley was the first to bellow at her sister. “Vivian, how dare you forsake the wellbeing of your family members? Have you gotten full of yourself after becoming acquainted with an influential figure?”

Emma played along with her daughter and pretended to reprimand her. “Ashley! You’re not allowed to talk to your sister in such a manner! I’m sure she’s not such a cold-hearted person! I have faith in her, and I’m certain that she will do us the favor to repay the kindness we’ve shown her back in the day. Am I right, Vivian?”

Who are you to call me by my name? Stop making it sounds like we’re a family! Hearing them calling her name, Vivian almost puked from the sheer absurdity of the situation at hand. They’re nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!

Harvey stepped forward and begged, “Vivian, this is a matter of life and death! The entire Miller family is relying on you! Since Finnick is head over heels in love with you, I’m sure he will listen to you. Can you please tell him to let the Miller family off the hook for once? Please!”

Vivian raised her volume in return. “Dad, I told you before, I have never once poked my nose into his business. Even if I bring it up in front of him, I can’t be sure if he’s going to listen to me or not!”

“Vivian, I’m your biological father! Did you really think your mother would’ve been capable of bringing you up herself if it weren’t for the financial aids that I have provided you and your mother back in the day? If it weren’t for me, you would have long passed on due to starvation!” Harvey yelled hysterically as he could no longer keep his composure.

The initially irritated Vivian felt dejected all of a sudden because his father finally revealed his true colors in front of her.

Meanwhile, Harvey and Emma started bringing up everything that had occurred in the past.

They told Vivian she should appreciate their so-called kindness and get Finnick to let the Miller family off the hook for once.

Emma said, “When you were still young, I gave you a designer dress as a present! Ashley had merely put it on for a month before it was handed over to you! Do you recall the time others bought us a few Alaskan king crabs? We didn’t hesitate to share it with you! Have you forgotten the wonderful time we used to spend together as a family? How could you forsake us?”

A designer dress? Are you talking about the dress that Ashley got bored of? The only reason why you handed it over to me was that your daughter deemed it ugly! As for the crabs, you only allowed me to have my share because it was no longer fresh! Do you really consider that as sharing? I had an upset tummy for a few days because of you!

Vivian found them absurd because they had the guts to bring up their so-called act of kindness in front of her and demand repayment.

She said, “Stop trying to guilt-trip me, it will never work! I have never wanted to put on the dress, neither have I wanted to have my share of the stale crab back then! Most importantly, I have never desired to be a part of this family! Are you going to stay away from my mother and me once I return the favor? Are you going to let us live in peace in the future?”

Emma’s face puckered as she thought to herself, Never! I won’t let you off the hook just yet!

The moment Vivian recalled the incident she had gone through with her mother, she could feel her heart starting to ache.

Back then, in order to sustain their lives, Rachel would take up several jobs simultaneously, spending most of her time working to the point where she could barely get any sleep.

Because of that, Rachel had no choice but to leave the young Vivian with Harvey. Her long working hours made sure that she couldn’t take care of their daughter.

She instructed Vivian to behave herself and refrain from causing others’ trouble whenever she was at the Miller family’s place.

Vivian didn’t have to do any house chores when she stayed with Rachel, but once she started staying with those from the Miller family, Vivian had to do all sorts of chores under Emma’s supervision.

Being naive then, Vivian dared not voice out against the unjust she had to go through. She would keep everything to herself and cry herself to sleep in the night as she didn’t want her mother to be worried.

Harvey spent most of his time at the company, whereas Emma would bring Ashley to travel abroad. Vivian could vividly recall tagging along with the duo for their trips.

Rachel thought Vivian had a great time staying with those from the Miller family due to their lavish lifestyle. She thought Vivian had the chance to live a carefree life instead of having a pathetic childhood by her side.

As such, she told her daughter, “We have to rely on the Miller family for the time being because I can’t give you much, Vivian. I’m not a shameless woman, but I can’t possibly keep you by my side. Otherwise, you’re going to turn into a fool like me. Promise me you’ll be an independent woman in the future. I want you to live a wonderful life.”

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