Never Late, Never Away Chapter 225

Vivian took note of her mother’s instructions and braced herself through all sorts of situations since she was a child. Although she seemed to be a fragile little girl, she was, in fact, a stubborn little girl who had never once relied on others.

Little did Rachel know whenever Emma brought Vivian along with them for their trips, Vivian was never allowed to have fun.

There was one time when Emma bought Ashley an ice cream and refused to get Vivian one. Instead, she simply instructed Vivian to get an umbrella to shield them from the sun.

Naturally, Vivian refused to give in to her stepmother’s demand.

In the end, Emma yelled at Vivian in the face, “Do you really consider yourself Ashley’s sister? Your sister is exposed to the scorching sun, yet you’re not willing to protect her? You’re such a little b*tch!”

Whenever Vivian tagged along with them for a trip, she would be treated as though she was a maid. Vivian spent most of her time alone, admiring Ashley as she had all sorts of fun with Emma.

Snapping out from her memory, Vivian watched as Emma went on and reprimanded, “Are you serious, Vivian? We took care of you when you were young! Is this how you’re going to repay us? Have you no shame at all? What about the expenses for your tertiary education? The Miller family was the one who footed the bill on your behalf! Do you think you’ll make it in life without the Miller family? How could you forget those whom you are indebted to?”

“Vivian, you can’t forsake the Miller family! Otherwise, I’ll commit suicide if anything were to happen to the Miller family!” Harvey warned Vivian.

Hearing their words, Vivian regretted being the beneficiary of the Miller family over the years. Others might deem her an unfilial and villainous woman should she refuse to do them the favor.

As she couldn’t make up her mind just yet, Vivian lost herself in the process of thought. Suddenly, those from the Miller family fell silent and had their eyes glued to something behind Vivian.

Following their gaze, Vivian turned around and saw Finnick wheeling himself in on his wheelchair.

Even though Finnick was wheelchair-bound, it didn’t seem to impact his majestic presence at all. In fact, it had become part of his identity as the almighty Mr. Norton.

From the moment he showed up, he had inadvertently become the most superior figure in the room.

Finnick surveyed the surroundings and noticed Vivian with her eyes brimmed with tears.

After Emma and Harvey exchanged glances, they were about to say something, but they hesitated due to Finnick’s domineering presence.

In the end, Harvey tried his best to form a complete sentence. “M-Mr. Norton? P-Please, do come in and join us…”

Meanwhile, Emma, who could always find her way around others, greeted with a bright grin, “Hello, Mr. Norton! Come on in and join us! We were merely catching up with Vivian. What brings you here today?”

Harvey couldn’t figure out the reason why Finnick had dropped by the Miller Residence.

I can’t believe it! Finnick has dropped by the Miller Residence! What brings him here today? Is he going to acquire the Miller family as part of the Finnor Group, or is he here to strike a deal with me?

Seeing that her husband had lost himself in the process of thought, just staring at Finnick in the eyes, Emma nudged her husband to snapped him out of his daze.

Harvey regained his composure and greeted, “O-Oh! Yes! T-That’s right! We were merely catching up with Vivian and reminiscing about the good old days! Although she had caused us a lot of troubles back then, she’s still part of the fam—”

Finnick broke the silence in a callous tone before Harvey could finish his sentence.

“I have heard the conversation.”

Finnick’s indifferent statement took Emma and Harvey by surprise because they couldn’t be certain which part of the conversation that Finnick had heard.

What exactly is he up to? Does that mean he isn’t here to strike a deal with me? Is he here for Vivian? Is he trying to protect Vivian?

Finally aware of the goal of Finnick’s visit, Harvey decided to cut the small talk and stated timidly, “Since you’re here, I’ll just cut straight to the point. Mr. Norton, please be merciful and let us off the hook for once. I heard you have gotten married to Vivian. If that’s the case, that means you’re my son-in-law. Since we’re a family, we can sort this out easily, right?”

Emma put on a superficial smile and played along with her husband. “He’s right! In the end, we’re a family! Vivian, you’re such a blessed woman to be able to marry Finnick! You should consider yourself lucky!”

Finnick was disgusted by the pretentious duo’s behavior, trying to flattering him when they had made all sorts of harsh remarks against Vivian just mere moments ago.

Earlier, he had been eavesdropping on the conversation at the entrance, but he could no longer resist the urge to rush to Vivian’s side when he saw that she was about to break down. Therefore, he was there to protect his beloved wife instead of reuniting with his so-called parents-in-law.

No one other than me gets to lay a finger or harass my wife!

Seeing that Finnick was on the verge of raging, Vivian stopped him in the nick of time. “Finnick! Don’t, please.”

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