Never Late, Never Away Chapter 226

In return, Finnick frowned because he couldn’t believe Vivian would give in to the Millers and let them off the hook as requested. He gave it some thought and refused to give in just yet because he had never been known as a kind man.

Truth be told, his objective was to destroy the Miller family, giving them a taste of their own medicine. Unless they learned their lesson and had a taste of poverty, they would never learn to be merciful.

He lowered his gaze and stared at Vivian. The moment he noticed that her eyes had brimmed with tears, he could no longer suppress his frustration. “Vivian, are you sure you want to show them mercy? After all, they have been mistreating you throughout the years.”

Vivian had her own thoughts and methods to resolve the issue that had been bothering her for years. Instead of being merciful, she decided to take the opportunity and sever ties with the Miller family.

Indeed, she longed for vengeance against the Miller family. However, apart from getting rid of the grudge she had been holding against them, there was nothing else she could stand to gain. She could never move on from the Miller family as long as they were associated with one another. Since she had enough of them, she decided to bring everything to a halt.

Vivian turned around and looked at Emma and Harvey in the eyes as she announced, “Yes, Finnick! I want to let those from the Miller family off the hook!”

“Why?” Finnick asked as he was confused.

“Finnick, I don’t feel that I owe the Miller family anything. Instead, it’s Harvey that owes us! He was the one who forced himself on my mother against her will and brought upon our miseries! My mother conceived me due to his ignorant behavior, yet he had been neglecting us throughout the years. He has never once thought of us as his family member.”

Upon hearing Vivian’s statement, Harvey lowered his head in guilt because Vivian was right. He was the one who had been neglecting Rachel and Vivian.

Vivian continued, “All along, the Miller family has mistreated me, but I can’t possibly return the favor in a similar manner. Otherwise, I’m not much different from them. Finnick, please let the Miller family go. Instead of seeking vengeance, I want to live a peaceful life; a life without them.”

Emma was ecstatic upon hearing Vivian’s words. Grinning from ear to ear, she said, “You’re right, Vivian! You made the right call as part of the family!” She turned around and told Finnick, “Mr. Norton, I’m sure you will listen to her, right? We shouldn’t go against one another since we’re a family!”

Finnick cast a stern gaze and warned Emma, “Shut up!”

Intimidated by Finnick’s presence, Emma took a step back, moving away from him.

Meanwhile, Vivian chuckled when she heard her so-called stepmother’s statement. The woman had never considered Vivian and Rachel to be part of the family, yet she had the audacity to make such a statement in front of Finnick.

As a matter of fact, Emma and Ashley had always considered Vivian a thorn in their flesh. They deemed themselves superior to her and wouldn’t stop humiliating Vivian.

Throughout the years, the members of the Miller family, including the housemaids, looked down upon Vivian.

Vivian replied with a poker face, “A family? Have you ever considered me part of the Miller family? Am I supposed to express my gratitude for the so-called kindness the Miller family has shown me over the years? Is that how a family is supposed to treat one another? I don’t think so!”

“Vivian, I-I…” Harvey stuttered once again as he felt guilty.

As soon as Vivian finished her sentence, torrents of grief streamed down her cheeks unwittingly.

A typical father would take good care of their daughter as though they were the apple of their eyes, yet her father had never once thought of her as his daughter. Harvey had always been a wimp in front of Emma. He would turn a blind eye whenever Ashley took advantage of Vivian. Never had he shown Vivian some love.

If Dad had dropped by and visited Mom and me back then, perhaps things would turn out differently. Maybe Mom wouldn’t have to spend most of her time working several jobs, trying to sustain our lives at the cost of her health.

No one could possibly understand the hardships and tormenting experiences Vivian had gone through over the years.

She wiped her tears and repeated herself, “I’m returning the favor today by getting Finnick to let the Miller family off the hook as requested! From now onwards, I’m not part of the Miller family anymore! I believe all of you have been longing to sever ties with me, right? Since we’re no longer related, we should stay away from one another in the future! So please stop bothering Mom and me!”

Harvey had no intention of severing ties with her biological daughter, let alone severing ties with her after she had gotten married to such an influential figure.

It was evident Finnick was head over heels in love with Vivian. Therefore, Harvey was determined to use their relationship as leverage to achieve groundbreaking success.

Harvey informed Vivian, “Now, now, Vivian, aren’t you being a bit too rash? Although I might have let you down, you’re still my biological daughter—”

Emma cut her husband off and replied, “Fine! Vivian, your mother and you should have never shown up in our life in the first place! Both of you are the ones who have disrupted the peace of the Miller family! If it weren’t for you, the Miller family wouldn’t have—”

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