Never Late, Never Away Chapter 227

Emma brought her speech to an abrupt halt the moment she detected Finnick’s penetrating gaze. In the end, she murmured to herself to express her frustration, “If it weren’t because of you, the Miller family wouldn’t have to go through this series of misfortune either! Hmph! How dare you think so highly of yourself?”

Finnick scoffed, “Does that mean the Miller family is unwilling to adhere to the condition Vivian has imposed?”

As soon as Emma and Harvey heard Finnick’s rhetorical question, they fell into the vicious cycle of despair yet again.

They stared at Vivian in the eyes, signaling her to beg Finnick for mercy.

On the other hand, Vivian was infuriated because Harvey and Emma had humiliated her in front of Finnick.

Harvey begged, “Mr. Norton, please give us another chance!”

He turned around and reprimanded his wife, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and apologize to Vivian!”

Albeit reluctantly, Emma brought herself to beg for pardon. “Vivian, I’m sure you’re not going to take my words personally, right? Please, pay no heed to my words, I didn’t mean it.”

Emma could feel a chill down her spine as Finnick remained silent while glaring at her.

Immediately after Emma caught a glimpse of his penetrating gaze, she changed her tone and apologized again. “Vivian, I’m…”

She had a hard time apologizing because she couldn’t bring herself to cast her dignity as Vivian’s stepmother aside, but she was aware of the consequences of her action since Finnick had made himself clear. In the end, she had no choice but to apologize for the sake of the Miller family’s future. Otherwise, the lavish lifestyle she enjoyed the most would perish over the night should she refuse to apologize.

Finally, Emma muttered, “I’m so sorry, Vivian. Please forgive us for the things we have done to you back in the day.”

Even though Emma had apologized, Vivian wasn’t pleased because she was aware that her stepmother didn’t mean it.

Nevertheless, it was a miracle for Emma to admit her wrongdoings over the years.

I guess this is the best possible outcome… From now onwards, we’re no longer related to one another.

After Vivian made up her mind, she leaned over and told Finnick, “I’m tired.”

She was exhausted for real because she didn’t want to be around the bunch of hypocrites anymore.

Finnick’s heart wrenched when he noticed Vivian’s pair of swollen eyes. He felt a strong urge to teach the Miller family a lesson for offending the woman whom he loved wholeheartedly.

However, he resisted the urge to take things out on the Miller family because Vivian had made herself clear. As long as they stayed away from Vivian, he would honor his promise.

Finnick reached over and held Vivian’s frigid hand firmly. With his eyes glued to those from the Miller family, he warned, “I’ll let the Miller family off the hook this time for Vivian’s sake. However, I won’t hesitate to take all of you down if any of you repeat the same silly mistake.”

Harvey and Emma’s hearts skipped a beat. Standing right where they were, they dared not talk back against Finnick and Vivian.

Emma assured the duo, “Don’t worry! We’ll definitely stay out of your sight in the future! Ashley will behave herself as well. We won’t repeat such a silly mistake again. Haha.”

“You’d better remember your words! Otherwise, it’s going to cost you more than a fortune if you try anything silly in the future!” Finnick sneered.

Harvey and Emma’s legs turned to jelly, feeling as though they would pass out anytime soon, they could barely pull themselves together anymore.

Finnick had enough of the Miller family. He turned around and brought Vivian out of the Miller Residence.

The moment they stepped out of the Miller Residence, Vivian felt lightheaded because the whole situation seemed so surreal.

I guess it’s finally over, huh? From now onwards, I’m no longer related to Harvey and the Miller family. The torments that they have put me through don’t seem to matter anymore.

Mom is the only family member I have from today onwards… No, wait, there’s Finnick too.

Vivian felt warmth surging from deep within her when she recalled the existence of the two people whom she loved the most. She felt as though she had the strength to pick herself up once again.

Once they walked out of the Miller Residence, Finnick brought Vivian back to his car and instructed Noah to send them home.

Along the way, Vivian stared blankly ahead in a daze, she would occasionally lower her gaze and her eyes would well up with tears.

Finnick thought it was nigh time for Vivian to vent her frustrations. It was evident she could barely take it anymore after the series of confrontations she had gone through within a day.

In fact, she would have long broken down if she wasn’t a tough woman.

The Miller family is but a bunch of jerks! To think they would treat a fragile woman so cruelly… She must be feeling very sad now.

Finnick pulled Vivian into his arms and asserted, “Everything is over. Feel free to cry if you want to, you’ll feel better that way.”

Leaning against his chest, Vivian felt a sense of security. She felt as though she had found a safe haven.

Sobbing, she released all her pent-up emotions from all the injustice that she had suffered. For once in her life, she could shed her tough shell and be vulnerable in front of the man she loved.

From the trauma and torment that she went through when she was young to the taunts and jeers that she received when she grew up, Vivian was relieved that it had finally come to an end. She could finally sever ties with those from the Miller family.

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