Never Late, Never Away Chapter 229

As she leaned on Finnick’s chest, Vivian heard his hoarse voice as he assured her, “As long as I’m by your side, I won’t allow anyone to bully you anymore. I’ll make up for the things you have never experienced as a child.”

Vivian giggled, “I don’t think that’s necessary because I’m already having a great time with you by my side. You’re the only one I need to have a great life.”

Thereafter, Finnick simply remained silent while running his fingers through her smooth hair.

Once they returned to the villa, Vivian finished her meal before taking her shower. After which she tucked in and called it a day.

After severing ties with the Miller family, Vivian felt as though she had been reincarnated. For the first time in forever, she slept soundly and peacefully.

Vivian went to bed early in the evening, while Finnick spent the entire night working in his study room.

Noah had everything sorted out and was about to leave when Finnick stopped him and queried, “How’s the preparation for the press conference going?”

“Everything is ready,” Noah nodded and informed.

“I want everything to be executed perfectly tomorrow,” Finnick emphasized.

“Understood.” Noah nodded once more and took note of his boss’ instruction.

The press conference for the newly established fund that would soon be set up by the Finnor Group was held the next day.

As such, Vivian and Finnick were roused from sleep early in the morning.

Finnick got changed into a set of formal wear. His outfit had a relatively simple yet elegant design. It perfectly complemented his noble and majestic presence as the one superior to others in the upper echelon.

Grinning unwittingly, Vivian had her eyes glued to the dressed-up Finnick.

“What are you grinning for?” Finnick asked when he noticed the bright grin on Vivian’s face through the reflection in the mirror.

“Nothing. It’s just that you look amazing!” Vivian didn’t bother to hold back her compliment at all.

In return, Finnick’s lips curved upwards, forming a smirk as he stated, “You should get yourself dolled up as well.”

Confused, she blinked and asked, “Me? That won’t be necessary since I’m merely a reporter. We’ve received the invitation from the representative of your company. My colleagues will be there as well.”

Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

Someone pressed the doorbell of the villa.

It’s so early. Who could it be?

Vivian rushed over to answer the door. The moment she opened it, a bunch of people with several boxes of equipment entered the villa.

She was surprised because she couldn’t figure out the goal of their visit.

“Good morning, Mr. Norton! Good morning, Mrs. Norton!”

Vivian’s eyes widened in disbelief. She turned around and asked Finnick, “What’s going—”

Sitting on his wheelchair, Finnick told the bunch of people, “Great, you’re here. I’ll leave my beloved wife in your care today then.”

Huh? What’s going on? Vivian couldn’t grasp the situation, she could only stare blankly as the bunch of people started unpacking the boxes they had brought along.

Items including cosmetic products, essential oils, and tailor equipment could be found. Other than that, Finnick had also prepared a dress and jewelry for Vivian.

Realization dawned on Vivian. they’re here to doll me up, similar to the time when I took part in the auction.

Damn! Not again! Vivian was never a fan of dolling herself up because she found the process tormenting.

They carried out their respective tasks, including putting make-up on her, polishing her nails, and styling her hair. After a short while, they finally had Vivian dolled up.

Feeling confused, Vivian asked, “What are you up to? Why did you have me all dolled up?”

“The press conference that will be held is crucial for the Finnor Group. Therefore, I want you to be part of the grand event of the group,” Finnick said.

Staring at Vivian in the mirror, he was in a state of reverie as she seemed exceptionally stunning.

However, Vivian thought that she looked comical and queried, “Huh? But I have to keep an eye on the conference as a fellow reporter. Why would I want to dress up ostentatiously?”

Just then, Finnick came up behind her and put on a heart-shaped diamond necklace on Vivian’s neck. It was a necklace with high clarity, making it exceptionally dazzling under the well-illuminated environment.

He told his wife, “Here’s a present for you. Consider it a gift for your hard work at the press conference. What do you think? Do you like it?”

Vivian nodded and said, “Of course! It’s such a stunning piece, but I think this is too expensive of a gift. I don’t think it’s suitable for me.”

“Just keep it, okay? No one other than you deserves to have this necklace.” Finnick finished his sentence in a serious manner.

She caressed the necklace over and over again. The fondness she had for the diamond necklace was increasing by the second because it was a gift from Finnick as a souvenir to express his affection.

Suddenly, Vivian recalled the crystal necklace Finnick used to have and wondered if he had moved on from it.

After enduring the tingling sensation on her face for an extended period, Vivian finally had herself dolled up ostentatiously.

She seemed to have changed into an entirely different woman. To match the tulle dress and the dazzling necklace she had put on, the stylist combed her hair into a ponytail, complementing the overall look.

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