Never Late, Never Away Chapter 230

Vivian couldn’t stop checking on her appearance through the mirror as she found herself odd.

She had always preferred dressing up casually as she prioritized comfort over her look. Currently, she had all sorts of designers item on her. She started wobbling due to the pair of high heels she had put on.

In the end, she asked Finnick, “Are you sure it’s necessary for me to put on such a showy set of outfits?”

“Of course!” Finnick beamed his reply.

Fine. Since it’s what my husband wants, I guess I’ll go along with it.

Finnick would never allow his wife to take the public transport to work after he had gone to great lengths to doll her up. Therefore, he instructed Noah to drop her off at her workplace and got another driver to send him to the venue of the press conference.

The moment Vivian walked into the office building, her presence grabbed the attention of the men present. She lowered her gaze immediately and sprinted into the elevator.

The person in charge of the elevator scrutinized Vivian from top to bottom. Feeling uncomfortable, Vivian’s palms started sweating as she had never once attracted others’ attention before. In fact, it was the first time in a few years after she started working in this particular office building that she had inadvertently become the center of attention.

She regretted adhering to Finnick’s instruction because she couldn’t possibly get herself changed into another set of outfits. Since there wasn’t anything she could do about it, she braced herself and made her way into the magazine company.

Sarah, Jenny, and Ken were as busy as bees because they had to get everything ready before heading over to the venue of the press conference.

The moment Sarah spotted a noble-looking woman making her way into their office, she rushed over and greeted, “Hello, how may I help you?”

“Sarah, it’s me! I’m Vivian!” Vivian lowered her head and whispered because she was certain her colleague had mistaken her as a customer.”

“Oh. My. God!” Sarah shrieked involuntarily.

Everyone turned around the moment they noticed the commotion. They looked in the direction of Vivian and Sarah and thought Sarah had encountered a thief.

“Vivian? Is it really you?” Sarah gaped at Vivian in awe.

“Oh, my! It is you!”

“Vivian! You are looking absolutely stunning!”

Vivian’s colleagues couldn’t move their eyes away from her because she seemed different from her usual self. They were impressed by her noble-looking look and thought she must have some great news to share with them.

Some of her colleagues even thought that she had lost her mind and undergone a drastic change in personality over the night.

Sarah ran her fingers across Vivian’s dress. The moment she spotted the tag of the dress, she was taken aback yet again because it was a top-notch premium brand. In fact, the dress Vivian had put on seemed to be a custom-made piece. It would have cost at least hundreds of thousands. She couldn’t believe Vivian was dressed in such a mind-blowing piece.

“Wow! Vivian! I have come across this particular dress in the magazine! The dress of this brand cost a fortune! This is a custom-made piece, right?”

Vivian shrugged Sarah’s hand off immediately because she felt uneasy.

Just then, Sarah spotted the dazzling diamond necklace on Vivian’s neck.

She pointed at the necklace immediately and asked, “Vivian, is your necklace made out of authentic diamonds? If it’s an imitated one, I must say it’s a job well done!”

“Yes! It’s an imitated one! They did a great job, right?” Vivian got anxious and decided to go with the flow.

“Really? Did you get it from the internet?” Sarah probed further.

“Y-Yes, but I can’t really recall the name of the store anymore.”

Vivian’s colleagues were intimidated by her majestic presence. In their eyes, she emanated the presence exclusive to those from the upper echelon. They didn’t expect she would turn into an entirely different person after she dolled herself up, in fact, they had always perceived Vivian to be just another pretty woman.

Fabian, who had walked out of his office, was impressed the moment he caught a glimpse of Vivian’s ethereal look.

It was the second time he ran into a properly dolled-up Vivian. She seemed to have reincarnated into another woman. I still remember that the last time I saw her in a similar look, it was at the auction.

Suddenly, Fabian recalled the press conference for Finnor Group’s latest established fund would be held soon. Oh, so that’s why she’s all dressed up.

Nevertheless, he couldn’t figure out the rationale behind Vivian’s decision to dress herself up in such an ostentatious manner because he knew she had never been a fan of such a flamboyant look.

He had his eyes glued to her and thought she had changed drastically after getting into a relationship with Finnick. She had never been known for her beauty, but ever since she became Finnick’s wife, she had been stealing the limelight from others frequently.

Fabian felt upset when he realized that the innocent-looking Vivian, whom he was familiar with since their university days, was now nowhere to be seen. She had since moved on from her sprightly self.

Eventually, everyone, including Vivian, started tending to their respective tasks once again because the press conference would be held soon.

Once they had everything sorted out, Vivian, Fabian, Sarah, Jenny, along with a few cameramen departed to the venue of Finnor Group’s press conference.

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