Never Late, Never Away Chapter 231

Fabian sat by Vivian’s side and spotted the diamond necklace she had put on. He was certain it was a gift from Finnick.

Suddenly, he took a trip down memory lane and recalled he had given her a necklace back in the day. He had gotten Vivian a cheap necklace because of his disguise as a poor student.

As he reminisces about the past, he felt regret gnawing at his heart.

On the way over to the venue of the press conference, Ken asked, “Do you guys think Mrs. Norton will show up at the press conference? If she’s around, we mustn’t miss the opportunity to expose her look!”

Fabian and Vivian exchanged glances upon hearing Ken’s statement. Immediately, they turned around and looked out the window, staring at the scene outside.

Sarah tapped on Ken’s shoulder and instructed, “You’re right, Ken! You should forget about the conference and pay attention to the mysterious Mrs. Norton instead!”

What? They want to snap photos of me? Vivian found her colleagues’ words hilarious because they would never achieve their goals. After all, the Mrs. Norton they were searching for had disguised herself as a reporter, hiding amongst fellow reporters that would attend the press conference.

All of a sudden, Sarah asked Vivian, “Has your husband seen Mrs. Norton before? How does she look like? Is she attending the press conference today?”

Vivian was startled by Sarah’s question. She stuttered in return, “H-He has never seen her before! B-Besides, I don’t think Mrs. Norton will be attending the press conference…”

Throughout their entire journey to the press conference, they kept speculating about Mrs. Norton’s look. there were several times when Vivian almost burst out laughing due to the absurdity of their remarks.

It was a grand press conference. Every broadcast station in Sunshine City had dispatched a team to broadcast it.

All sorts of luxurious vehicles could be found at the venue, including Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Bentley, and a few custom-made vehicles exclusive to individuals with high net worth.

Vivian’s colleagues were dumbfounded once they reached the venue of the press conference. They were in awe as they finally caught a glimpse of the upper echelon’s lavish lifestyle.

Fabian reminded them, “All of you are here on behalf of Glamour Magazine. Have fun and enjoy, but don’t forget to behave yourselves. We must secure some exclusive news and photos for our upcoming issue!”

“Don’t worry! We’ll give it our best!”

Immediately after Fabian talked to others, he turned around and asked Vivian, “Since you’re all dressed up, are you sure you’ll be able to conduct the interview session?”

“I can’t do anything about it because Finnick was the one who got a team of people over to dress me up. Don’t worry! I won’t allow it to get in the way of my work!” Vivian assured Fabian she had everything under control.

Fabian found Vivian overly innocent at times. In the end, he muttered, “Vivian, that’s not what I meant. A-Actually, I’m trying to say that you look great today.”

Vivian opened her mouth to reply to him but found herself to be at a loss for words.

Just then, Sarah urged Fabian and Vivian over immediately so that they could make their way into the venue as a team.

Chefs specializing in different cuisines had been gathered to prepare a feast. There was a champagne tower, an over-the-top cake, and a variety of delicacies that were generously served.

“Wow! This is such a grand press conference! This has really broadened my horizon!” Sarah’s eyes widened in disbelief due to the lavishness of the press conference.

Individuals from the upper echelon and many celebrities could be found in the spacious hall. It could definitely be considered a million-dollar press conference. The guests of the press conference had dressed up properly and carried themselves in an elegant manner. Good-looking men and women could be found everywhere, engaging in a conversation with one another.

Jenny couldn’t help but exclaim, “Damn! The Finnor Group is unbelievable! There’s a lot of renowned figures present! I can’t believe I have the chance to lay my eyes on people whom I can only see on the TV! Not to mention the guests who used to turn down our interview sessions are present as well!”

The representatives of Glamour Magazine couldn’t help but express their gratitude to be given a chance to be part of such a grand press conference.

Once they walked into the spacious hall, they headed over to their designated seat.

Their peers from the industry were jealous of them because they managed to secure the best seats available for those from the media industry.

Sarah and her colleagues were equally surprised because they didn’t expect they would be able to secure the most premium seats available. Is today our lucky day? How did we manage to secure such great seats? We’re literally only a row away from the stage! Even the leading magazine company in Sunshine City has been seated behind us!

However, the thing that took them by surprise the most was the fact Vivian had been arranged to be seated in the first row. The news anchor from the broadcast was merely given a corner seat in the first row, yet Vivian was given the center seat next to the VIP guests.

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