Never Late, Never Away Chapter 232

Vivian dared not take a seat on her designated seat in the first row. She took a step back and moved away as she felt uneasy.

However, Jenny beckoned and stated, “Vivian, your seat is in the first row!”

“No way! I’m not going to sit in the first row!”

Nevertheless, she had to return to her designated seat since there wasn’t any seat available for Vivian after her colleagues took their seats.

Feeling slightly dejected, she sat down on her seat in the first row.

Finally, the press conference was about to begin. Deafening music and dazzling illumination were initiated in conjunction with Finnick’s entrance.

Noah brought Finnick, who was wheelchair-bound, into the hall and up onto the stage.

The guests who were present stared at Finnick in awe. The man emanated an ethereal presence, similar to those of superior leaders, intimidating those who were present.

Eventually, Finnick started introducing the details of the fund, including its structural characteristic, contingency plan to counter the associated risks, and its pros and cons. However, Vivian wasn’t paying attention at all because she was in a state of reverie.

She wasn’t the only one who had been charmed by Finnick’s ethereal appearance. A lot of guests had lost themselves in the process of thoughts, paying no heed to the details of the fund.

After some time, Vivian finally snapped out of her trance and returned to her usual self, focusing intently on Finnick’s speech.

Halfway through the session, Vivian heard other guests discussing her beloved husband.

“He’s so handsome! The fact that he’s bound to a wheelchair doesn’t impact his look at all! Mr. Norton is such an exceptional man! Too bad he’s already married to someone else!”

“Such a pity indeed! He has been single for so many years! I can’t believe he’s gotten married to someone else out of the blue! Do you know what sort of woman managed to win him over?”

“I have no idea, but I think it might have been a political marriage. Perhaps he isn’t in love with his wife at all. Maybe that’s the reason Mrs. Norton refused to show up in front of others?”

“He’s such an exceptional man! I mean, he’s a great-looking and talented man with abundant wealth! I’m willing to spend a night in bed with him even if he’s a vegetative patient, let alone wheelchair-bound!”

“Are you serious? Have you no shame at all?”

Vivian was rendered speechless by the guests’ absurd remarks because they had gone overboard with their imagination involving Finnick.

She looked toward Finnick, who was delivering his speech on the stage, and thought that he seemed to be in a league of his own, beyond others’ reach. On the other hand, Vivian seemed to be just another ordinary woman, whom Finnick could easily get his hands on. All of a sudden, she felt a strong sense of inferiority as Finnick’s unprecedented talent could easily put others, including her, to shame.

She thought she didn’t deserve to be his wife at all because he was completely beyond her league. After all, she didn’t possess an equivalent background.

I wonder if Evelyn used to have such concerns when she was in a relationship with Finnick back in the day?

As soon as the peculiar thought crossed Vivian’s mind, she decided to ditch it because she didn’t want such trivial matters to ruin the joyous occasion of her husband.

She snapped out of her jumbled thoughts and decided to focus on Finnick’s speech.

Finnick presented a comprehensive summary of the fund. After he wrapped up his speech, the guests applauded for the job well done. A reporter asked, “Mr. Norton, you have been introducing the fund nonstop, but you have yet to tell us the title of the fund. May I know what’s the title of the fund?”

As soon as the other guests heard the question directed at Finnick by the reporter, they turned and looked in Finnick’s direction as they were equally curious.

Finnick behaved calmly and asserted in a serious manner, “The title of the fund is V.M. Fund.”

Vivian repeated the title of the fund in her mind.


V.M. Fund? V.M… Could it stand for Vivian Miller? My name?

Vivian was dumbfounded and at a loss for words all of a sudden. She couldn’t grasp the situation just yet due to the odd title of the fund.

Does that mean Finnick named the fund after me? As soon as Vivian regained composure and noticed the things Finnick had done on her behalf, she was touched deep down. She finally figured out the reason he insisted on giving her the necklace as a souvenir.

In the next moment, however, she got anxious because Finnick had never told her he would be naming the fund after her.

He’s such a tight-lipped man! Damn it! Am I going to be exposed in front of the others?

That won’t happen, right? After all, Vivian is such a common name. As long as Finnick keeps others in the dark, I don’t think they will figure out my identity as Mrs. Norton.

Just then, another reporter directed another question at Finnick.

“Mr. Norton, is there a reason the fund has been named as such?”

“The fund was named after my wife, Vivian. In fact, she’s here with us today,” Finnick explained himself nonchalantly.

The crowd got pumped out and turned around in an attempt to locate Mrs. Norton the moment Finnick mentioned his wife was present.

Mrs. Norton is here with us today? Does that mean Mr. Norton is going to reveal the identity of his wife? Goodness! This will definitely make it to the headlines!

I can’t believe Mr. Norton has named the fund after his wife! They seem to be a lovely pair. I’m so envious of their relationship.

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