Never Late, Never Away Chapter 233

All sorts of thoughts crossed the guests’ minds and they couldn’t wait to figure out the actual look and identity of Mrs. Norton.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s heart shattered into pieces upon hearing Finnick’s statement.

She stated, “I can’t take it anymore! I can’t believe Mr. Norton is such a romantic man! Look at the affection he has for his wife! I’m almost moved to tears, and I’m not even his wife! Where’s my prince charming? When will the man who will go to great lengths for me in a similar manner show up?”

A wild idea crossed her mind the moment she finished her sentence. She managed to link the missing pieces of puzzles together. Wait a minute… V.M. Fund?

Vivian Miller? Vivian Miller Fund!

Sarah snapped her head around and stared at Jenny in the eyes as she stuttered, “Hey J-Jenny, do you think V.M. Fund is referring to Vivian? Don’t you think it sounds too much of a mere coincidence?”

Vivian’s heart almost leaped to her throat when she heard her colleagues’ query.

She was about to explain herself and assure her colleagues it was a mere coincidence since Vivian was a common name.

However, before she could deny their thoughts, Finnick stated, “V.M. Fund was established so that the name of my beloved wife, Vivian William, will live on forever.”

With that, Vivian could no longer keep her colleagues in the dark since Finnick had announced her identity in front of everyone.

There was an uproar coming from the crowd because they finally figured out the actual name of Finnick’s wife.

Vivian William! So that’s the name of Mrs. Norton!

Apart from a certain someone, everyone in the hall got pumped up due to Finnick’s announcement.

Knitting his brows and clenching his teeth unwittingly, Fabian was the only one who had a grim expression on his face.

He was jealous of the fact that Finnick could express the affection he had for Vivian without any hesitation. Meanwhile, he would never be able to get Vivian back again. The distance between him and Vivian had never been farther, not only he would have to deal with Finnick, but he would also need to deal with his wife, Ashley, who was pregnant with their child.

Staring at Vivian’s back as he was right behind her, he couldn’t help but feel a strong urge to figure out her reaction and response.

Meanwhile, Vivian was surprised and shocked at the same time. She couldn’t be certain if she could consider it as a pleasant surprise.

The bunch from Glamour Magazine almost went berserk the moment they heard Finnick’s announcement.

They couldn’t believe that their colleague, Vivian, was the mysterious Mrs. Norton who had been hiding behind the scene all this while.

Damn! Seriously? Vivian’s husband is Finnick? Mrs. Norton is Vivian? We’re not dreaming, are we?

Sarah had her eyes glued to Finnick on the stage, but she nudged Ken and asked, “Hey, did you hear that? Or Am I hearing things? Did Mr. Norton just address Vivian as his wife?”

As soon as Ken recalled the conversation they had when they were on their way to the venue, he yelled in return, “I’m done! We’re done! We’re all doomed!”

He couldn’t believe that Mrs. Norton, the wife of the almighty Finnor Group’s president, whom he had been teasing all this while, was one of his colleagues.

Fabian, on the other hand, couldn’t help but admit that he was impressed, Finnick. I can’t believe you have the guts to express the affection you have for Vivian in such an extravagant manner.

I definitely didn’t expect you would announce your relationship with Vivian in such a setting. Fabian got uneasy and increasingly frustrated as he turned the idea in his mind repetitively because he wouldn’t have any chance to win Vivian over anymore.

Just then, Finnick brought himself down from the stage and made his way over to Vivian’s side.

As soon as Finnick showed up in front of her, the crowd gasped in shock collectively. Consequently, Vivian’s heart started racing.

Finnick reached over and held Vivian’s hand. He was certain that she must be feeling anxious and flustered deep down.

As she had never been in the limelight before, Vivian stuttered, “F-Finnick, I-I…”

Does he want me to join him on the stage? But I have never been on a stage before!

Finnick was aware of Vivian’s concerns, so he assured her, “Everything will be fine. Just hold my hand and follow me.”

Vivian hesitated.

After all, she had been working behind the scene as a fellow reporter throughout the years.

She felt butterflies in her stomach because she had been put in the limelight against her will as part of the press conference’s finale.

She wasn’t given a chance to turn Finnick down. Holding her hand, Finnick led her up to the stage with him.

The guests cast their gaze onto Vivian as she made her way to the stage.

The moment the spotlight shone on her, she felt like she was a protagonist of a fairy tale, wandering her way out of the fictional world.

Vivian lost herself in the process of thought as she found the entire situation surreal. She wasn’t ready for the things that would be in store for her.

She didn’t have her speech ready, yet she was exposed in front of the crowd after the announcement made by her husband.

The confused woman finally realized the reason her husband had an entire team of people dropped by their house early in the morning. Turned out he wanted her to dress up properly because she would be taking part in the press conference.

Once she was brought onto the stage, the reporters couldn’t suppress their excitement anymore as they had been anticipating Mrs. Norton’s arrival. They started snapping photos of Vivian.

Vivian could barely open her eyes under the continuous flashes from countless cameras. Finally! We get to see Mrs. Norton!

She’s such a gorgeous woman!

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