Never Late, Never Away Chapter 234

Mrs. Norton has finally revealed herself! She’s such a great-looking woman with a noble presence similar to that of Mr. Norton’s!

Meanwhile, Sarah held on to her chest and panted heavily. “Oh, my God! I can’t believe Vivian is Mr. Norton’s wife! It turns out she’s Mrs. Norton! Somebody help! I can’t deal with this anymore! It’s too much for me to bear!”

Jenny, who had long figured out Vivian’s actual identity, was the only one that was calm and collected. She told Ken, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Aren’t you here for Mrs. Norton’s photos?”

“Why would I want to take her photos when I literally run into her on a daily basis?” Ken asked rhetorically in return.

Sarah finally returned to her senses. She tapped on Ken’s head and bellowed, “Have you lost your mind? Since Vivian is Mrs. Norton, we have already secured ourselves the headline for the upcoming issue! How can we miss the opportunity to conduct an interview with her?”

“Look at her! She’s stunning!” Sarah exclaimed once again to express her joy.

Literally, every member of the team was excited and proud of Vivian. Fabian was the only one who seemed to be relatively displeased.

Why? Why does Finnick get to flaunt his relationship with Vivian in front of others? Do they really think they’re in love with one another because they have gotten married?

I don’t believe it! I’m sure Vivian would never fall for Finnick! She has never been a superficial woman! It would take more than a man’s wealth and fame to win her over!

Adorned by the crowd with a round of applause, Vivian, who was by Finnick’s side on the stage, finally regained her composure as her husband held on to her hand firmly.

She leaned over and whispered, “Thank you, Finnick.”

Holding on to Vivian’s hand firmly, Finnick then continued presenting the details of V.M. Fund in a serious manner. Vivian had completely calmed herself down as she stood by Finnick’s side.

In a hoarse voice, Finnick stated, “V.M. Fund is Finnor Group’s fund with the highest return of investment. Since it has been named after my wife, I hope the fund will be able to achieve the goal of improving other’s living conditions through increased financial capabilities.”

Although Finnick continued announcing all sorts of news regarding Finnor Group, Vivian, who was by her husband’s side, couldn’t focus on the speech anymore. She felt lightheaded due to the continuous flash coming from the cameras.

Meanwhile, Sarah looked smug when she stated, “I can’t wait to see the look on Shannon’s face the moment she figures out Vivian’s actual identity as Mrs. Norton! Finally, she’s going to stop ridiculing Vivian on a daily basis!”

Ken said, “Pftt, Shannon isn’t the only one who has to show Vivian some respect. We have to respect her as well!”

Halfway through their conversation, Fabian instructed, “Shut up! No one is allowed to bring up Finnick’s name during work hours in the future! Have I made myself clear?”

Although Sarah and Ken couldn’t figure out the reason Fabian was infuriated by Finnick’s presence, they nodded vigorously the moment they heard his words.

However, Sarah still stuck her tongue out to express her frustration in an attempt to retaliate against Fabian in silence.

Finnick and Vivian, who were on the stage, walked towards the champagne tower and started pouring the first bottle of champagne into the glass at the top of the tower, indicating the initiation of the fund.

After Finnick wrapped up his speech, he had the fund managers in charge of V.M. Fund’s operation take over the upcoming presentation.

Finnick brought Vivian down from the stage and showed her the way back to her designated seat. Holding on to his wife’s hand, he stated, “Your hands are frigid.”

Vivian’s lips twitched involuntarily. “I’m just nervous, I guess.”

“Did I frighten you?” Finnick whispered after he took a peek at her.

She shook her head in return because she wasn’t frightened at all. It was more of a pleasant surprise that had caught her off-guard.

Although she couldn’t get used to being in the limelight, she was glad her husband had acknowledged her presence and identity.

Soon, the press conference of the fund came to an end. Sarah and those from Glamour Magazine made their way back without Vivian.

Fabian was in a foul mood; it was written all over his face. Hence, as they made their way back, those from Glamour Magazine were afraid they would accidentally provoke their chief editor.

Sarah was the only fearless one. She remarked, “Vivian nailed it today! She’s the pride of Glamour Magazine! We should throw her a party to celebrate her success! Hopefully, the almighty Mr. Norton will tag along with her and join us!”

“Sarah, stop drooling over Mr. Norton. You do realize he’s Vivian’s husband, right?” Ken asked rhetorically.

“I’m not drooling over him! I can vividly recall the first time we dropped by Mr. Norton’s office for an interview session with him. He behaved oddly back then and wouldn’t stop bringing up the issues of marriage in front of Vivian. It turned out he was flirting with Vivian! I just can’t believe that I was a witness to such a romantic moment!”

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