Never Late, Never Away Chapter 235

“Does that mean Vivian has long gotten married to Mr. Norton since the time both of you dropped by his office for the interview session?” Ken asked in return.

“I think so because she has just put on her ring on the day we visited his office. It turned out she had gotten married to Mr. Norton right before the interview! Instead of keeping us in the dark, she should have told us! I can’t believe we have been speculating his husband to be a janitor all this while! My, my, I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that he’s the president of Finnor Group!” Vivian orated.

Just then, Fabian cleared his throat to warn the irritating duo, causing silence to fell once more.

Sarah noticed Fabian seemed to be irritated. Instead of sharing the joy, he had a grim expression the moment the conference ended. Although she couldn’t figure out the reason behind his irritation, she decided to keep her mouth shut as instructed.

Meanwhile, Vivian, who had walked out of the venue of the press conference, felt as though she could finally catch her breath.

She wanted to make her way back to the office, but Finnick dismissed her request, saying he wanted to bring her elsewhere.

Vivian gave it a thought and decided to take a day off from her work. Otherwise, her colleagues would definitely bombard her with all sorts of questions the moment she went back to the magazine company.

She had yet to figure out the proper method to deal with her colleagues. Thus, she decided to go along with Finnick.

After Vivian got into the car, she could finally snap herself out of the state of anxiety she had been in throughout the entire press conference.

Finnick noticed the change in her expression after she returned to her ordinary self.

He asked, “Have you gotten used to it?”

Vivian smiled bitterly in return because she was certain it would take her some time before she could get used to being addressed as Mrs. Norton.

Knitting his eyebrows as though he was aware of his wife’s actual thoughts, Finnick probed further, “Are you going to blame me for exposing our relationship without acquiring your consent beforehand?”

Vivian shook her head and stated, “No! Of course not! It’s just that I can’t believe you have decided to announce our relationship through such a high-profile method. Haven’t you always like to stay low-profile?”

“Indeed, I do,” Finnick affirmed his wife of her thought.

“If that’s the case, why did you have my identity as Mrs. Norton made known to others? Aren’t you afraid our relationship will adversely impact you?”

Finnick turned and looked at Vivian in the eyes as he beamed his reply, “Although I enjoy lying low, I want everyone to be aware you’re my wife. I want them to know that Vivian William is Mrs. Norton.”

Hearing that, Vivian’s heart skipped a beat as her eyes widened in disbelief and her cheeks reddened embarrassedly.

He felt a strong urge to give her a kiss the moment he saw her sheepish grin. In the end, he gave in to temptation and kissed her on the lips.

Similarly, Vivian, who had been tensed since the press conference ended, finally felt a sense of relief.

Feeling a strong sense of security whenever she was by his side, Vivian realized then she had fallen head over heels in love with Finnick. Never would she want to leave his side anymore; she wished to spend the rest of her life by her beloved husband’s side.

She leaned on Finnick’s chest in his embrace as she stated, “Thank you, Finnick.”

Albeit faintly, Finnick’s lips curved upwards and formed a smirk.

It seems like my effort has paid off. I made the right choice to conduct a grand press conference for the fund that has been established and named after her.

The press conference wasn’t merely a surprise for Vivian because it was an opportunity for Finnick to declare their marriage to others as well. He could finally take their relationship to the next level.

He had never considered keeping others in the dark regarding his marriage. All along, he had been neglecting the announcement due to his indifferent personality.

However, after the incident they had gone through due to Fabian and Yasmin’s presence, Finnick made up his mind and wanted their relationship as legal husband and wife to be made known.

He wanted everyone to be aware of Vivian’s identity as his legal spouse, so they would treat her with respect as Mrs. Norton.

Holding on to each other’s hand firmly, Vivian had a great time as they made their way over to a certain somewhere.

Looking out the window as she frowned, she asked, “Finnick, where are we going? We’re not heading home, are we? This doesn’t seem to be the route home.”

“I have another gift for you,” Finnick announced with a bright grin.

A gift? What sort of present is it?

She couldn’t figure out the sort of gift that would be in store for her after the series of surprises she had gone through within the day.

Vivian asked as she got curious, but Finnick refused to tell her about the so-called gift he had prepared for her because he had no intention to spoil the fun.

After some time, the car was brought to a halt after they reached their destination.

Out of curiosity, Vivian looked out the window. Her expression changed when she realized they had arrived at a hotel.

Vivian couldn’t believe her eyes because the hotel they were at was none other than Century Hotel, the place that had brought her the most grief ever.

Two years ago, she had gone through a tormenting experience at the exact same location.

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