Never Late, Never Away Chapter 236

“Why did you bring me here?” Vivian turned around and confronted Finnick.

Finnick remained silent, simply leading her out of the car and showed her the way into the hotel.

The staff of the hotel seemed to be expecting Finnick’s arrival. A few of them ushered Finnick and Vivian to the escalator, making their way upstairs.

Vivian’s hand started trembling involuntarily because she couldn’t figure out the reason Finnick brought her to the hotel.

I really don’t want to be here. In fact, I never wanted to step foot in Century Hotel ever again, and yet here I am…

Feeling her trembling hand, Finnick tightened his grip and held Vivian’s hand firmly.

As soon as they walked out of the elevator, Finnick brought Vivian over to a particular room.

When she raised her head and spotted the number of the room, her face turned pale and haggard because she could vividly recall the incident she had gone through in the room.

Two years ago, she had been forced into an intimate session with a man in that particular room.

Looking at the room, Vivian’s heart sank to the bottom of her stomach. The tormenting experience she had gone through flashed back in her mind.

She felt as though she would pass out anytime soon, yet Finnick suggested, “Shall we go in?”

“No! Please, Finnick! Let’s leave! I never wanted to come here again! I hate this place!” Vivian rejected without a second thought upon hearing her husband’s suggestion.

However, Finnick tried his best to persuade Vivian. “You can’t keep running away from the traumatizing past forever. Why don’t you muster your courage and face your fear? Besides…”

Oddly enough, Finnick couldn’t bring himself to finish his sentence.

Truth be told, Vivian was afraid Finnick would figure out the truth behind the traumatizing incident she had gone through.

Two years ago, she was drugged by someone while participating in an event. As a result, her body temperature started rising and she slowly lost control of herself.

She could barely pull herself together anymore, but she was certain she would have to leave the venue as soon as possible.

However, the moment she stepped out of the venue, a man brought her over to Century Hotel and boarded the elevator, making their way upstairs.

She could recall the helplessness she felt back then; she tried to retaliate against the man who had wrapped his arm around her waist, yet she had been rendered incapable of exercising her strength.

As she was barely conscious due to the drug’s effect, she couldn’t even shout for help. Therefore, no one could rush over to her aid since no one was aware of her actual condition.

Although she felt a strong urge to flee because she was aware of what would be awaiting her in the room, she couldn’t move away from the man as she felt increasingly lightheaded.

Eventually, the man brought her into the room and pinned her to the bed with all his might. He started devouring her, behaving as though he was a predator that had gotten its hands on its long-awaited prey. She had completely lost control over her body by then. In the end, she could only lay helplessly as she was violated by the man.

Vivian couldn’t bear to recall the aftermath of the incident anymore. It had since started haunting her now and then.

Throughout the years, she would break down into tears every time the traumatizing experience crossed her mind.

She held a strong grudge against the person who had drugged her two years ago. In fact, she couldn’t figure out the reason why they would want to bring upon her misery when she had never offended anyone.

Two years ago, Vivian fell into a vicious cycle of despair after the incident. She couldn’t bring herself to reciprocate the affection Fabian had for her anymore. Overnight, her world turned upside down as though it would be the end of her life soon. In fact, she once got suicidal.

Back to the present, she felt a strong urge to leave as she stared at the room in front of her. Vivian was in a foul mood and refused to enter the room with Finnick.

However, Finnick dragged her into the room against her will.

Vivian yelled hysterically, “Finnick, what are you doing? I don’t want to be here! I don’t want the gift!”

To her surprise, Finnick insisted and refused to give in to her request. He looked at her in the eyes with his abysmal pair of eyes and assured her, “Trust me, Vivian.”

Despite having her fair share of doubts, Vivian entered the room with Finnick in the end.

Indeed, everything in the room was the same as it was two years ago. She could vividly recall the things that were available in the room.

She had a hard time catching her breath, but Finnick behaved as though he wasn’t aware of her haggard look and insisted on sitting on the bed together.

Avoiding Finnick’s gaze, Vivian lowered her head in shame because she was afraid her husband would despise her if he figured out the incident she had gone through. What if Finnick figures out the incident that has occurred two years ago? Is he going to deem me a filthy woman and stay away from me?

“Look at me, Vivian.” He stroked her hair gently and assured his wife, “It’s going to be fine. So please, look at me.”

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