Never Late, Never Away Chapter 237

Vivian raised her head and met the gaze of her husband.

Finnick’s eyes gleamed, staring at her in the eyes passionately as though he was up to something. “Alright. Now, I want you to close your eyes.”

She did as instructed and closed her eyes because she wasn’t in the mood to figure out the things Finnick was up to anymore.

As soon as she closed her eyes, she heard Finnick switching off the lights and laying her on the bed.

He leaned over in a similar manner and started kissing her on the lips.

Vivian got anxious because she was unsure if she would want to engage in another intimate session with the man whom she loved wholeheartedly in the room she hated the most.

She reached out to her husband and asked, “Finnick, are we going to do it here? F-Finnick… N-No…”

“Why? Why can’t we do it here?” He kissed her gently and whispered, “I think this is the best place to do it.”

Vivian was about to let loose of herself and give in to the temptation she felt.

She twitched involuntarily when he ran his slender and powerful fingers across her chests.

The room was pitch black, yet she could still see the man’s dazzling pair of eyes.

Vivian couldn’t wait to carry on with the session they had started, but Finick stopped when they were about to reach the best part.

He whispered in the pitch-black room, “Can you recall anything in this familiar environment?”

As he queried, he continued caressing her porcelain-like skin, fondling the areas that would arouse her, yet refraining himself from giving her the things she wanted the most.

Finnick’s question caught Vivian off guard because the only memories she had associated with this particular room were the unpleasant ones. What should I recall? Is he going to forsake me? Is that the reason why he stopped halfway through the session?

Vivian started blurting out the things she had in mind, “What? What am I supposed to recall? I-I have long forgotten the things that had occurred in this room!”

Nevertheless, Finnick continued implying there was a certain something she had forgotten. “Vivian, are you sure you can’t recall it? Don’t you find my touch familiar?”

Vivian finally realized Finnick seemed to be up to something in his mind. Frowning, she asked in return, “Finnick, what exactly are you talking about?”

As Vivian failed to get the hint, Finnick was certain she must have been traumatized by the incident that had occurred two years ago. Therefore, she had forgotten most of the incident.

Finally, Finnick decided to stop harrowing Vivian. He told her, “Try to recall the presence of the man that was in this particular room two years ago.”

Vivian’s body stiffened all of a sudden. Finnick added, “I found the man who was behind the entire incident back then.”

Trembling in fear, his wife’s face had turned deathly pale in the dark.

I can’t believe it. Did he seriously manage to locate the man? I’m sure he must be a horrendous old man…

Vivian trembled vigorously because upon hearing Finnick’s words, the incident that had occurred two years ago flashed back in her mind once again.

No! I don’t want to know! I don’t want to figure out the truth! Not now!

Vivian made herself clear in a quivering voice. She pleaded, “F-Finnick! I-I don’t want to know the identity of the man! L-Let’s stop talking about this!”

“No. I have to tell you.”

“F-Finnick, have you gotten tired of me?” Vivian started sniffling as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Taken aback by Vivian’s words, Finnick asked, “What brings you to come to such a conclusion?”

“If that isn’t the case, why must you bring this topic up in this room? Are you going to cast me aside?”

Finnick chuckled because Vivian had misperceived his intention. He was up to the exact opposite of the things she had in mind.

Vivian, you’re such a silly woman. I guess I should stop teasing you. Otherwise, you’re going to break down for real.

Immediately after he made up his mind, Finnick leaned over and whispered, “Vivian, I was the man who was in this particular room two years ago. It was me. Together, we had spent a night in bed two years ago.”

Vivian couldn’t believe her ears, she refused to believe that Finnick was the man who had spent a night in bed with her two years ago as it seemed too much of a coincidence.

Immediately, she brought herself up and sat upright in the dark. “Finnick, you’re joking, aren’t you? I’m sure you have figured out the actual identity of the man back then! Have you decided to lie to me because you didn’t want me to be upset? Are you trying to take the blame on his behalf because you found out that he’s actually a horrendous middle-aged man?”

Finnick brought himself out of the bed and switched on the light.

Vivian confessed, “You might be lying for my sake, but I want you to tell me the truth. I-I’m afraid you’re going to get sick of me someday in the future. I don’t want you to keep me in the dark and bear the burden on my behalf. It’s too much of a burden for you.”

As soon as Finnick returned to her side, he raised her chin and announced, “You’re such a silly girl. I will never get sick of you, okay? Stop overthinking things. Are you displeased by the fact that I was the one who was in bed with you two years ago?”

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