Never Late, Never Away Chapter 238

Should Finnick be the man involved two years ago, Vivian would be delighted, but she couldn’t recall the things related to the man anymore. Thus, she couldn’t be certain if he had told her the truth.

Staring at Vivian in the eyes, Finnick repeated himself in a serious tone, “Vivian, listen to me. I’m not lying to you. I was the one who was in bed with you in this particular room two years ago.”

Since Finnick seemed to have meant his words, Vivian asked, “Then, can you tell me about the truth behind the entire incident? What happened two years ago? Why were you the one who had shown up in this room?”

Finnick grinned and pinched her nose in return before sharing the truth of the incident that had occurred two years ago with his beloved wife.

Ever since Finnick made his way back from M Nation, Mark had been pretty wary against him because he was afraid their grandfather would grow fond of his brother. In short, Mark felt threatened by Finnick’s presence as his brother had proven to be a huge threat to his career and status.

Although Mark was aware Finnick was wheelchair-bound due to him being crippled, he didn’t let his guard down. He wanted to figure out if his brother had the capability to produce offspring because their grandfather wanted as many heirs as possible for the Norton family.

Thus, Mark sent a lot of gorgeous women his brother’s way, but Finnick had never once fallen for the women the former had sent his way.

In the end, Mark resorted to extreme measures to get the better of his brother.

Two years ago, a party was held at a venue nearby Century Hotel. Mark managed to get the better of Finnick because his brother had a fight with Benedict halfway through the party.

Benedict got into a fight with Finnick due to Evelyn. Finnick had been drugged after he let his guard down as he got overly worked up during the party. By the time he finished the glass of wine, things had gotten to the point of no return and Mark was merely a step away from achieving his wicked plan.

Vivian knitted his eyebrows to express her frustration as she finally figured out the disturbing truth behind the incident that had occurred two years ago.

But Mark is a member of the Norton family. Not to mention he’s Finnick’s brother! How could he do this to his own brother?

“Are you sure it’s Mark? Isn’t he’s your biological brother?”

Finnick simply sneered in return. “I got someone to get to the bottom of the entire incident after that night. Turns out, I was right. Mark was the one behind it all. Blinded by his desires and greed, he seemed to have forgotten about the fact that we’re siblings. Besides, Ashley’s your sister, isn’t she? But look at the things she has done for her own sake. What a life, huh? I can’t believe the person whom we’re supposed to rely on the most has turned their back against us.”

Vivian was at a loss for words because she didn’t expect the most renowned Norton family, which others deemed a glorious family, to have such complicated internal affairs.

She finally realized her husband had been shouldering more than she could ever imagine as a member of the renowned family. Pretending to be a disabled person must have been tough for Finnick throughout the years. If he isn’t a determined person, others would have long seen through his disguise.

“So you were drugged as well, huh? I’m sure you’re aware of the awful sensation associated with the tormenting experience. It’s unbearable for an ordinary person,” Vivian stated after she figured out they shared a similar fate and went through similar experiences.

Finnick acknowledged Vivian’s point of view by remaining silent.

“What happened next?” Vivian wondered.

Finnick served each of them a glass of wine and continued, “I knew something was wrong with me. I was aware I might give in to temptation if Mark sent one of her girls my way to seduce me again. There was no way I would allow him to get the better of me. Therefore, I got in touch with Noah and instructed him to bring me to a nearby hotel as soon as possible.”

Vivian felt a shiver running down her spine as soon as she figured out the potential consequences that would be in store for Finnick if he hadn’t exercised caution.

“Never would I have thought I would run into you, Vivian,” Finnick added.


“I saw a drunk woman in an old man’s arms as they made their way into the room next door. I got in his way and gave him a small fortune to chase him away. In the end, I brought you into my room. I don’t have to continue with the remaining part of the incident, right?”

Vivian was flabbergasted. As she had been rendered unconscious back then, she would never have thought there were so many things going on behind the scene two years ago.

Immediately after she returned to her senses, she wrapped her arm around Finnick’s arm firmly because she found it surreal.

“Are you serious, Finnick? You’re really the one who had spent a night in bed with me two years ago? Does that mean we have been acquainted with one another for two years? I can’t believe it! I can’t believe we have gotten married after two years!”

Even though Vivian was shocked by the truth, she was grateful. It seemed as though fate had brought them together.

Finnick chuckled and teased his wife, “I have finally made myself clear, huh?”

Vivian was on cloud nine as she was certain Finnick had told her the truth, no matter how surreal the truth sounded. The man, whom she was afraid of the most throughout the past two years, turned out to be none other than her husband.

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