Never Late, Never Away Chapter 239

The man who had brought upon her misery was also the one who had given her a strong sense of security. He was none other than Finnick, her beloved husband, who was right in front of her.

Vivian felt lightheaded once she linked the missing pieces of the puzzles together.

Flushing embarrassedly, she avoided her husband’s gaze and asked, “D-Does that mean I have only ever been touched by one man?”

“Hmm, what do you think?” Finnick kissed Vivian on the lips once he finished his rhetorical question. Eventually, he moved his lips down her neck. “I guess the incident that occurred two years ago isn’t that traumatizing anymore, huh?

Vivian responded with a sheepish grin in silent.

Kissing her on the lips as he removed the last piece of garment she had put on, Vivian stopped retaliating and gave in to temptation.

It feels great to have everything sorted out! I can’t believe I finally get to move on from the incident that has been haunting me for the past two years!

She stopped holding a grudge against God because it turned out fate had brought them together ever since two years ago.

Sorting out the things she had in her mind, Vivian finally let loose of herself and indulged in the raunchy session with her beloved husband.

The next morning, Finnick and Vivian had their breakfast in the hotel.

Vivian was in a joyous mood as she had finally moved on from the distressing incident that had been bothering her for two years.

As they had opted for in-room dining, the waiter had shown up in their room to serve them their breakfast that Finnick had ordered beforehand.

Finnick handed over a glass of orange juice to Vivian and instructed, “Let’s enjoy our breakfast. I’m sure you’re exhausted after the session last night, right?”

“Hey, can you please lower your volume? There’s someone else around!” Vivian couldn’t get used to being lovey-dovey with Finnick in front of others. She glanced at the waiter that was still present and flushed embarrassedly.

However, the waiter had been professionally trained. All the while, he kept a straight face and pretended as though he wasn’t aware of their conversation’s content at all.

Halfway through their meal, Vivian recalled something and asked, “Since you were the man who had spent a night in bed with me two years ago, were you the one who placed the stack of cash worth twenty thousand on the bed after the incident?”

“I-I felt a tad bit guilty after the incident because I noticed I was the one who had your cherry popped…” Finnick nodded and explained the rationale behind his action.

Two years ago, he had misperceived Vivian as a streetwalker since she had shown up with a middle-aged man in the hotel.

After he wrapped up the session he had with her, he finally figured out she had yet to have her cherry popped prior to their intimate session.

Although he didn’t have any affection for Vivian two years ago, he did feel guilty. Hence, he left a wad of cash behind to compensate her for her loss.

“You won’t mind if I told you that I gave the money away, right? I have donated the sum to a charitable trust.”

“I would say you did a great job,” Finnick praised his wife.

“I merely wanted to put the cash I deemed to be filthy to good use because I didn’t want it anywhere near me,” Vivian replied with a sheepish grin.

Finnick finished his meal and wiped his mouth clean. “I’m aware of your concerns, but can you tell me the reason you have never sought after money?”

I guess it makes sense for him to ask me about this. After all, money is the thing everyone in this world desires.

Vivian gave it a thought and orated, “You’re wrong. I’m just another human with a strong desire for money. How should I foot my mother’s medical bill if I don’t have enough money? Without money, I can’t even sustain my current lifestyle. I have always desired an increment in my wages and bonuses. Nevertheless, the cash you left behind then was a stack of filthy cash in my mind. I decided to donate the sum because I didn’t want it anywhere near me. Hence, I decided to put it to good use for other’s sake. Otherwise, I would feel bad if I were to accept the money.”

“What about now? Do you still think it’s a stack of filthy cash?” Finnick stared at her with his glistering pair of eyes.

“Not anymore, but with that being said, I still have no intention to keep it. Otherwise, it would feel as though our first intimate session was a business deal.

Finnick’s heart melted the moment he spotted Vivian’s reddened cheeks right after she finished her sentence.

Once they finished their meal, Finnick suggested, “Let’s go. I’ll drop you off at your workplace.”

As soon as Vivian heard her husband’s suggestion, she waved vigorously and stated, “No need! That won’t be necessary! I’ll head over on my own!”

Frowning, Finnick asked, “Since everyone is aware of our relationship, what’s bothering you?”

Vivian was taken aback by her husband’s words because she had forgotten he had revealed their relationship in front of everyone.

He’s right! Why should I be concerned when everyone’s aware of our relationship?

In the end, Vivian replied with a bright grin, “Alright then! If that’s the case, I’ll gladly tag along with you!”

With that, Vivian got into Finnick’s Bentley and departed.

As they made their way to Vivian’s workplace, Vivian struggled deep down because she was clueless about the situation awaiting her in the office. She was certain they had been anticipating her arrival as well as an explanation since they were aware of their relationship.

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