Never Late, Never Away Chapter 24

His shirt hung off her tiny frame like a gigantic curtain, exposing her collarbones and slender legs every so often.

Finnick looked away, his face heating up rapidly.

He had always prided himself with his self-control, yet he had no choice but to take a few sips of ice-cold water to calm himself down.

Vivian sat down at the table, not having noticed anything strange about him.

“I’m going back this afternoon,” Finnick said halfway through their meal. “Are you coming along?”

Vivian recalled the drama from the previous night and nodded solemnly. “I’ll follow you.”

She could not care less about her relationship with Fabian, even if it would cost her job in the future.


“Oh, before I forget,” Vivian said. “Why are you in Q City?”

Finnick’s hands froze for a moment, but he regained his composure just as quickly. “I had a last-minute meeting.”

“I see,” Vivian said, stuffing another bite of food into her mouth.

After they collected their clothes from the dry cleaning store, they set off for the airport to catch a flight back to Sunshine City.

Noah had been waiting for them when they arrived at the lobby. He raised an eyebrow when he saw Vivian walking towards him.

No wonder he was in such a rush to come to Q City! He’s here to look for Mrs. Norton!

“Mr. Norton, here are some documents that require your signature,” Noah said, trying his very best to hide his shock. He managed to steal a glance at Vivian when he handed the documents over to Finnick.

He had heard some spicy rumors regarding Mrs. Norton the previous day, and he didn’t expect Mrs. Norton’s first love to be…


Noah shivered and turned around to meet Finnick’s cold glare.

He lowered his head immediately.

Vivian did not notice a thing. When Finnick got into the car, she hurried over to follow him.

Finnick glanced at the documents in his hand before closing the folder abruptly and looking up at Vivian. “Vivian, let’s go and meet my family this weekend.”


Vivian froze for a few moments, completely caught off guard by how he addressed her. She took a while to digest the situation before answering, “Sure.”

I’m curious about his family anyway…

Vivian did not think much about it, but her words almost made Noah jump out of his seat. He glanced at the couple in the backseat through the rearview window.

Oh my god! He’s actually bringing her to meet his family?

Could that mean…

Noah did not dare to think any further.

Vivian and Finnick arrived at Sunshine City after just a few hours, while Fabian was held back by some matters that he had to attend to.

He had wanted to establish ties with Mr. Hark’s magazine company, only to wake up to reports of Mr. Harks’ company getting sued and going bankrupt.

What in the world?

This is definitely not a coincidence.

There’s only one person who could destroy Mr. Hark’s life overnight!

Fabian could feel his blood pressure rising.

Darn it!

Why would he go to such lengths just for Vivian? Doesn’t he know that Vivian is married?

It took a while, but he managed to clear up the mess in Q City and return to Sunshine City. When he stepped out of the plane, he saw Ashley waiting for him at the gate.

“Fabes!” Ashley yelled, rushing over to him the moment she caught sight of him. “You’re finally back? Why didn’t you pick up my calls?”

Fabian glanced at her, annoyed by how much she resembled Vivian.

“Nothing much. I was just busy,” Fabian said before turning around and leaving the airport.

Ashely’s face fell as she watched Fabian disappearing into distance.

She recalled what his secretary told her a few days ago.

“Oh, the Chief Editor’s going to Q City for a business trip with a journalist from the company. Her name? Vivian William.”

Ashley clenched her fists, her nails digging into her palms painfully.

Vivian William! It’s you again!

Who gave her the right to compete with me?

Ashley bit her lip and whipped out her phone.

“Hello?” she said into the phone, her voice laced with an icy malice. “Do you still have the pictures from last time? I need them. Every last one of them.”

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