Never Late, Never Away Chapter 240

Finnick caught a glimpse of Vivian’s troubled look. He asked, “Are you having a hard time because you’re afraid of facing your colleagues?”

“Mm. Truth be told, I’m afraid, Finnick.”

Her husband held her hand and assured her, “Don’t worry. I will always be by your side.”

Vivian grumbled in her mind because her husband was the reason she had to go through the problems in the first place.

Finally, the car was brought to a halt in front of the office building of the magazine company.

Vivian took a deep breath and bade farewell to her husband with an odd expression. “I’ll be heading off to work now. See you.”

What’s wrong with that odd expression of hers? Why does she seem as though she’s heading over for a battle with no return?

Finnick’s lips curved upwards, forming a faint smirk as Vivian made her way out of the car in a perturbed manner.

As soon as Vivian reached the entrance, she took a deep breath before stepping into the building.

The moment she entered the lobby of the building, she noticed everyone had their eyes glued to her.

Staring at her, they started whispering to one another.

“Have you read the news? We have been deceived by her all this while. I can’t believe she’s the wife of Finnor Group’s president. She has done a great job, keeping everyone in the dark.”

“She’s such an ordinary woman, though! I wonder what about her that managed to charm Finnick!”

“She has such a stunning dress and necklace.”

“I heard rumors about her since a long time ago. She has never been known as a gracious woman.”

Although Vivian lowered his head as she made her way into the elevator, the gossipmongers managed to recognize her identity.

Finally, she reached the entrance of the office, yet she felt as though she still had a long journey to make before she could reach her seat.

As soon as she entered the office, her colleagues surrounded her as though they had been anticipating her arrival since forever.

All of a sudden, Vivian felt a strong urge to cry because she couldn’t figure out their objective of surrounding her.

Sarah’s eyes widened in excitement. “Welcome, Mrs. Norton! We’re glad to have you back in the office with us!”

Jenny stated, “Congratulations, Vivian! You’re finally able to address yourself as Mrs. Norton!”

“T-Thanks, Jenny.” Vivian’s lips twitched unwittingly.

“Vivian, you’re awesome! How did you manage to win the heart of the president of Finnor Group over? Can you tell us when did you get into a relationship with him?” Ken poked his nose into Vivian’s business without any hesitation.

“He’s right, Vivian! How does Mr. Norton behave whenever he’s around you? Is he a loving husband? What sort of kink does he have? Is he an indifferent man at home?”

“Vivian, since you have gotten married to such an influential man, when are you going to resign? If I’m in your shoes, I’ll definitely quit my job as soon as possible and enjoy my life!”

As she had foreseen, another bunch of gossipmongers surrounded her.

Vivian let out a long sigh of despair. “Guys, please leave me alone. Nothing changed, I’m still your colleague. I am still the Vivian everyone knows.”

“Why are you wearing the same dress? Isn’t this the dress you have put on for the press conference yesterday? Did you not return home?” Sarah continued asking as though she didn’t hear Vivian’s request.

The moment Vivian heard Sarah’s words, she recalled she didn’t get to change into another set of outfits because she failed to wake up in time in the morning. She had to rush her way back to the office from the hotel because she was behind her usual schedule.

Similarly, once Sarah ruled out the possibilities in her mind, she exclaimed, “Oh my! Did you and Mr. Norton not return home last night? Where did you guys go? Don’t tell me, you guys spent the night in the hotel?”

“Sarah! For God’s sake, can you keep your mouth shut?” Vivian, whose cheeks had reddened, rushed over and covered her colleague’s mouth.

Immediately after she rendered her colleague incapable of speech, she returned to her seat and avoided everyone’s gaze.

Staring at Vivian, Sarah allowed her imagination to run wild.

Although they have gotten married to one another, they’re still having all sorts of fun together! This is so romantic!

In the meantime, Shannon had an awful expression on her face when she thought back to the sarcastic remarks she had uttered against Vivian back in the day.

Unaware of the identity of Vivian’s husband, she made fun of him and said she must have been keeping her husband’s identity a secret because he was merely a janitor of Finnor Group.

She had been ridiculing Vivian all this while since the possibility of Finnick being Vivian’s husband had never crossed her mind. The moment she recalled the vicious remarks she had made against Vivian, a chill ran down her spine.

Shannon made up her mind to behave herself in front of Vivian in the future. Otherwise, Finnick would teach her a lesson if he were aware of the thing she had done behind Vivian’s back.

As Vivian evaded the questions that were directed at her by her colleagues, they decided to dismiss themselves because they could understand why Vivian had been keeping them in the dark all along. It must have been tough for Vivian since she had to keep Finnick’s identity confidential all this while. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have to put on an act in front of her colleagues.

Once they thought about it, they decided to let Vivian off the hook and returned to their respective position.

It had been a few hours since the confrontation occurred. Vivian finally had everything on her plate sorted out.

Vivian stood up and was about to grab herself a cup of coffee when Sarah sprang up from her seat and got in her way as though she had encountered a huge issue.

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