Never Late, Never Away Chapter 241

Yelling, she sprinted over to Vivian’s side and asked, “Vivian, did you check your Twitter? You have a hundred thousand followers as of now! You’re officially an influencer!”

Vivian was astonished by Sarah’s words because what she said was indeed a serious issue.

Immediately, she reached for her phone and logged in to her Twitter account. Indeed, Sarah was right. Overnight, she had turned into the person everyone in town talked about. In fact, the number of her followers continued to grow still.

There were all sorts of trending issues revolving around Finnick and Vivian’s marriage.

I can’t believe Mrs. Norton has shown up out of nowhere! I guess it’s over for me and my beloved Mr. Norton! Please excuse me as I spend the rest of my day crying myself to sleep!

Seriously? She seems to be an ordinary woman! Why? I’m so jealous!

I’m touched! Mr. Norton is such a loving husband! Why am I not the one by his side?

Huh? Impossible! Who the hell is she? How dare she lay a finger on my beloved Mr. Norton?

I shall love the one Mr. Norton loves! I love you, Vivian! I love you, Mr. Norton!

A chill ran down Vivian’s spine the moment she perused some of the comments because it was no simple task to be a public figure. She had turned into the most talked-about figure in town over the night. Literally, everyone was now aware of her identity as Mrs. Norton. How am I supposed to head out from today onwards? Are they going to cast rotten eggs in my directions when they run into me on the street?

Vivian gave it a thought, but she couldn’t think of a proper solution that could rid her of the issues that would be in store for her.

She was about to log out of her account when a particular comment from an account caught her attention.

Oh? They finally announced their relationship, huh? Does that mean Mr. Norton has moved on from the woman who had passed due to the fire?

The account had an odd username called “Back to the Past”. Vivian could recognize the said account because this particular anonymous user was the one who had brought up the existence of Finnick’s ex-girlfriend.

Vivian thought the anonymous user seemed to be different from the ordinary gossipmongers.

As such, she decided to visit the anonymous user’s account. She noticed the said user was one of her followers. Nevertheless, there wasn’t anything else that could indicate the anonymous user’s actual identity. In fact, the user had never posted anything else.

This is such an odd account. I wonder who’s the owner of this account. Why are they bringing up the accident that had occurred ten years ago? Could it be that they’re involved in the fire?

Not to mention this user followed my account? Are they merely a busybody that’s trying to find out more about my relationship with Finnick? Could the account be Yasmin’s account? Or perhaps it belongs to a hardcore fan of Finnick?

Just when Vivian lost herself in the process of thought as she looked through the thousands of comments by the netizens, Fabian suddenly summoned Vivian to meet him in his office.

Meanwhile, Vivian’s colleagues exchanged glances as they recalled Fabian had been in a foul mood since they made their way back from the press conference. They wondered what the duo would be talking about. Some of them thought Fabian might teach Vivian a lesson for the incident that had occurred during the press conference.

Vivian made her way into the office as instructed and took a seat opposite Fabian.

They sat opposite one another and remained silent for a few minutes.

In the end, Fabian stared at Vivian in the eyes and broke the silence. “Vivian, you seem to have turned into a public figure over the night. Has Finnick been treating you well lately?”

Vivian nodded in return.

“Vivian, are you familiar with Benedict?” Fabian added.

An image of a handsome man flashed into her mind. The man was Benedict and he was Evelyn’s brother.

“I have encountered him before. He’s Evelyn’s brother,” Vivian told Fabian.

“Is Finnick the one who introduced you to him?” Fabian leaned forward and asked.

“Yes. He has told me everything I should be aware of. Benedict was the one who had contributed his sister’s pen for the charity auction, right?”

Fabian was surprised to know that Finnick had been pretty frank with Vivian and that he didn’t hide anything from her. They seem to be serious about their relationship, huh? I can’t believe they’re taking one another seriously.

“Great. Since you’re aware of Benedict’s identity, it will be pretty helpful in the upcoming assignment. He will be holding an antique fair soon. I want your team to get ready for the upcoming interview session with him,” Fabian instructed.

An interview session with Benedict Morrison?

Vivian nodded in return and assured, “Alright. We’ll get ready as soon as possible.”

Since she showed up in his office, he had his eyes glued to her. She asked as she couldn’t get used to Fabian’s odd behavior, “Is there anything else? If there’s nothing else, I’m going back to work.”

After she finished her sentence, she turned around and was about to leave, but Fabian got up from his seat and stopped her.

“Wait! I have something to tell you!”

Hearing that, Vivian turned around and exchanged glances with Fabian. The moment their eyes met, she averted her gaze because she didn’t want to cause any unnecessary misunderstandings.

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