Never Late, Never Away Chapter 242

“Vivian, are you serious about Finnick? Did you actually fell in love with him?” Fabian wondered.

Vivian was stunned for a moment for she didn’t expect Fabian would poke his nose into her personal affairs, bringing up the topic that was beyond his role as her supervisor in front of her.

“Mr. Norton, this has nothing to do with you, right?” Vivian asked rhetorically.

“Vivian, are you sure you’re not trying to deceive yourself?” Fabian walked over and approached Vivian. “The only reason you got married to Finnick was because of your mother, right? I won’t blame you for what you have done because that was the only option you had, but are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with Finnick? Do you think things will work out between the two of you when it’s merely a political marriage?”

What is he talking about? I’m sure he has no idea I’m having the best time of my life!

Vivian gave it a thought and rebuked Fabian’s statement. “Mr. Norton, I believe you are not qualified to ask me these kinds of questions because it’s none of your business.”

“I’m the only one who cares about you, Vivian! Finnick is a cold-hearted man! When the time comes and he runs into another woman, he’ll cast you aside without a second thought! I’m his nephew! I know him better than you do! I’m telling you to stay away from him for your own sake!”

“For my sake? Fabian, please refrain yourself from badmouthing Finnick in front of me because that’s irritating me.” Vivian found Fabian’s statement absurd. He was about to get married to Ashley who was with his child, and yet he still had the time to poke his nose into Vivian’s marriage.

“Vivian, be rational about this and take my suggestion seriously, please.”

“Fabian, I’m pretty conscious of my current situation. You’re the one who should stay out of our way.”

Fabian’s heart sank to the bottom of his stomach at her words. He asked in a petulant manner, “Vivian, can you at least tell me if everything is fine on your end? How are you?”

Seeing that Fabian was back to behaving courteously, Vivian decided to return the favor and started being mindful of her choice of words.

She stated, “Since you’re so keen on figuring out our situation, I’ll tell you everything. I’m happy with my current life because we both share a similar level of affection for one another. Indeed, our marriage is considered a political marriage due to the different initial goals we each have in mind back then. However, things have changed since then, and we’re currently in love with one another.”

Fabian was astonished by Vivian’s statement; he didn’t expect she would share the affection she had for Finnick with him without any hesitation. Even though Vivian had made herself clear, Fabian still couldn’t move on from Vivian because he still had a thing for her.

“Are you sure you have fallen for him? Does that mean you’re going to spend the rest of your life by Finnick’s side?” Fabian asked with a pitiable look.

Two years ago, Fabian was the only man Vivian had in her mind.

However, their relationship took a drastic turn for the worse due to the misleading photos.

Vivian found Fabian absurd because he was the one who refused to have faith in her. Similarly, she had since moved on from him.

He was the one who had shattered her heart into pieces, yet he showed up in front of her and confronted her now that she had fallen in love with another man.

Vivian repeated herself in a serious manner. “I love Finnick wholeheartedly! He’s the only one I have in mind! Fabian, since Ashley is pregnant with your child, you should appreciate her and reciprocate the affection she has for you.”

Her words caused Fabian to feel dejected. So, she wants me to take another woman seriously and forget about her… He was jealous of Finnick because Vivian had verbally announced the affection she had for him without a second thought. Why does it sound as though you have changed into another person? Vivian, who are you now?

Truth be told, Fabian was impressed by Finnick’s bold move. Literally, every woman would fall for him after he had gone to great lengths to prove his affection.

Finnick did it. He successfully conquered Vivian’s heart.

“Fabian, we’re nothing more than ex-course mates. You have set foot in the territory of my life which you should have stayed away. Allow me to remind you once again that you’re going to get married to Ashley in a few weeks.”

“Vivian, I wasn’t given any choice! She’s pregnant with my child! Hence, we have to get married!” Fabian tried his best to explain the reason behind their marriage.

Does that mean Fabian isn’t serious about Ashley? Appalled by the truth, Vivian couldn’t help but sympathize with the pathetic duo because she was afraid their marriage wouldn’t last forever since they had gotten married to one another due to the child.

Fabian stretched his hands in an attempt to reach Vivian’s shoulders. “You’re the only one I have in my mind, Vivian! I have been missing you day and night all this while! I hate it whenever the thought of you spending a night by another’s man side crosses my mind! There’s literally nothing I can do to turn the tables! Vivian, can you please return to my side? Why don’t we start a new journey together in another city?”

As Vivian thought it would be better for her to stay away from Fabian, she took a step back before Fabian could place his hands on her shoulders.

“Fabian, I’m sorry, but I’m not in love with you anymore. You have to bear the consequences of your action since Ashley has conceived your child. Please move on from our relationship and let bygones be bygones. Stop lying to yourself and face the truth,” Ashley stated.

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