Never Late, Never Away Chapter 243

Vivian’s words triggered Fabian’s instinct as a fellow man. He refused to give up just yet and dashed over to her side, holding her firmly in between his arms.

“Vivian! No! You’re not allowed to do this to me! Please!”

As Fabian had gone overboard, the memory of him kissing Vivian against her will flashed back in her mind. In the next second, she pushed the man away with all her might and slapped him in the face.

The moment Vivian broke free, she fled, running out of Fabian’s office as soon as possible, leaving the dejected man behind in his office.

All of a sudden, Fabian was engulfed by a strong sense of despair. Is she rejecting me because of Finnick?

Vivian, by the time you get in touch with Benedict, he’ll unveil the harsh truth to you! You’ll finally get to know Finnick’s true colors! He has always been a selfish man! It’s time for you to learn that I’m the only one who’s serious about you!

Fabian was looking forward to Vivian’s and Benedict’s meeting.

Suddenly, he received a call.

The moment he picked up the call, the person on the other end told him they had gotten words on Finnick’s latest plan.

They told him Finnick had dispatched his men to go after the truth behind the photos and the particular incident that had occurred two years ago.

I knew it! Finnick would never stop going after the truth until he gets to the bottom of the incident! He wants to figure out the identity of the mastermind who had drugged Vivian before!

If he insists on going after the truth, he’ll soon figure out that Ashley was the one behind the entire incident. I’m pretty sure he won’t let her off the hook anymore. She may have to go through the incident which she had gone through as a member of the Miller family once more.

“He’s not aware of your presence, is he? I want you to remove all traces of your visit as soon as possible. We can’t allow Finnick’s men to figure out we dropped by. Am I clear?” Fabian delivered his instructions.

The person on the other end of the call said, “Yes, Mr. Norton. I’ll try my best. I’ll get in touch with you again soon.”

Although Fabian was infuriated because Ashley had driven him apart from Vivian back in the day without any solid reason, he couldn’t possibly forsake her wellbeing since she was pregnant with his child.

If Finnick managed to figure out Ashley was the mastermind who had instructed others to drug Vivian two years ago, he would certainly bring hell upon the Miller family through every method at his disposal. Ashley might even die a miserable death.

Fabian was aware of the consequences that would be in store for his fiancée. However, he didn’t want his child to bear the consequences of his mother’s actions. He wanted his child to grow up in a complete family.

Once he made up his mind, Fabian told his men to get rid of the evidence and leads that might lead to Ashley. He secretly hoped he could get in Finnick’s way and stop him from getting to the bottom of the incident.

In the meantime, on the other end of Sunshine City.

Finnick, who had returned to Finnor Group, summoned Noah to meet him in the president’s office as he couldn’t wait to figure out the progress of the investigation.

“It has been quite some time since the investigation started. Have you figured out the mastermind behind the incident two years ago yet?”

Noah had an odd expression because he had yet to accomplish the instruction that Finnick had delivered him.

Knitting his eyebrows, Finnick asked with a serious look, “What’s wrong? Does that mean you have yet to get to the bottom of the incident?”

Knowing that there were still a lot of mysteries that had yet to be unveiled, Noah decided to tell Finnick the truth, “Mr. Norton, we found some leads, but someone seemed to have gotten in our way and disrupted the progress of the investigation. There were a lot of leads that had been wiped out of existence deliberately.”

Finnick’s brows scrunched up in confusion and a wave of irritation surged within him as he wondered who had the guts to get in the way of the investigation.

“What have you gotten your hands on? When did you discover that the leads had been wiped out of existence?”

“We managed to discover the presence of a certain someone. Apart from Vivian and Fabian, she had frequently shown up on the campus.”

“Who is it?”

“Ashley Miller.”

“Ashley?” Finnick gave it a thought and ruled out the possibility of Ashley being the mastermind. After all, she was Vivian’s sister. Despite the animosity Vivian and Ashley have for each other, Finnick felt that Ashley would never actually hurt her sister.

“Is there anything else?” Finnick wondered.

“That’s everything we manage to gather as of now, Mr. Norton. Seems like the person is giving their all in hindering us from getting to the bottom of the truth,” Noah replied.

Someone is preventing us from getting to the bottom of the truth? Why? How is the mastermind conscious of our plan? Is the mastermind a close acquaintance of mine?

Finnick couldn’t figure out the relationship between the incident that had occurred two years ago and the goal of the mastermind who had been getting in his way. Since Vivian and I weren’t acquainted two years ago, I doubt I’m the one the mastermind is coming after. But If that’s the case, why is the mastermind getting in our way then? Perhaps they’re aware of our relationship? Is that the reason why they wished to sow discord amongst Vivian and me?

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