Never Late, Never Away Chapter 244

He asked Noah, “Do you know who they are?”

“No, but I guess the forces behind them aren’t small. There must be a powerful network behind them.” Noah replied.

Finnick was feeling more and more puzzled.

Vivian was just an ordinary college student two years ago. How did she come across people in such strong forces? Even Fabian wouldn’t provoke these people then.

Immediately, Finnick instructed Noah to eliminate any difficulties in the way and continue investigating until the truth of the matter was revealed.

Whoever dares to lay a hand on Vivian, I’ll never let them off the hook easily.

Meanwhile, Vivian and the others were ready to set off for the interview with Benedict.

Unfortunately, the magazine company’s vans were all in use so they could only take a cab to get to their destination.

Vivian was hailing a cab along the street when a speeding one stopped in front of them.

A middle-aged man with an average look sat in the driver’s seat and he was extremely excited when he saw Vivian.

“Mrs. Norton! You must be Mrs. Norton, right? Hop on. Where are you guys going? I’ll drive you there.” Said the driver.

Sarah and the others were stunned. “Vivian! Well well… Even a cab driver knows who you are.”

Ken had already gotten into the cab and was urging them, “Come on, stop chatting, will you? Get in the car.”

Vivian took the front passenger’s seat.

Her body itched when she felt the driver studying her from the corner of his eyes.

“You’re the wife of Finnor Group’s president, aren’t you? Don’t you have any chauffeur?” The driver asked.

Vivian gulped before replying, “Yes, I am. We’re heading to the city’s cultural center.”

“To the antique fair?”

“You know about the event?” Sarah asked.

The driver smiled and said happily, “Of course. Cab drivers know everything. This antique fair is rather special and it’s kind of interesting, so it’s worth your time to go take a look.”

Ken and Sarah felt extremely excited upon hearing his words. They started chit-chatting with him by asking all sorts of questions.

Vivian however, couldn’t wait to reach their destination.

She finally heaved a sigh of relief when they arrived and got off the car.

Only a day had passed but it seemed like the whole city could recognize her now. This is terrifying. It’s like a nightmare.

Ken suggested that they should get some drinks from the mini-mart before entering. Vivian instantly volunteered and said that she would treat them.

In the mart, she began choosing the drinks.

However, she got a feeling that a pair of eyes were staring at her from behind.

Turning, she noticed the shop assistant was watching her. Does she think I’m stealing? Vivian was displeased at the thought of it.

Finished choosing the drinks and some snacks, she put on a somber look and walked to the cashier for payment.

Not noticing Vivian’s expression, the shop assistant greeted her with a grin, “Mrs. Norton, it’s such an honor to have you shopping at our mart.”

Gosh, someone recognized me again. I could die of embarrassment!

The shop assistant stretched her neck and looked around, seemingly searching for something.

Vivian followed her gaze but saw nothing.

“Isn’t Mr. Norton here?” She asked.

Vivian was rendered speechless. The famous Mrs. Norton shook her head, “I’m here for a work matter at the antique fair.”

“Oh.” The younger woman seemed disappointed upon hearing her words.

When Ken and Sarah saw Vivian exiting the mini-mart with those paper bags on hand, they asked, “Vivian, what took you so long? The fair started 10 minutes ago.”

“Ugh, don’t even bring it up. The shop assistant recognized me. It’s terrifying.”

The colleagues exchanged a smile.

Vivian knew Finnick was an influential man, but she didn’t know it was to this extent. Only when she experienced it herself did she know what a big wheel her husband was. His nonchalance was the reason he was able to keep it all together.

They soon arrived at the exhibition hall of the antique fair.

Benedict was explaining the history of an ancient ceramic vase to a client when Sarah spotted him with just one look.

“Oh my God. Is he real? He’s not some character from the comic, is he? Look at how perfect he is!” Sarah admired.

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