Never Late, Never Away Chapter 245

Ken on the other hand, was in a contradictory position when he saw Benedict. “Wow. He is indeed beautiful… Gosh! How are we average-looking guys going to live? We’re single because of all these rich hunks!”

“That’s enough. One of you is being a lovestruck idiot while another is being a cynic. C’mon, let’s get to work.” Vivian said.

Spotting Vivian and her group waiting for him from afar, Benedict excused himself from his client and walked towards them.

He was wearing a white shirt with black stripes. The cologne he wore tickled their senses, and their mood unconsciously lightened.

Benedict’s eyes glimmered as he grinned at them.

Sarah was dumbstruck at the sight of him.

He had slender and clean fingers, with a great figure and tidy hair. Everything about him gave off a temperament of a royalty.

“Vivian? It’s really you! Hello.” Benedict politely greeted her as he extended his hand.

Vivian shook his hand while saying, “Hello, Mr. Morrison.”

His charming and melodious voice improved people’s moods. Unlike Finnick who always sounds toneless when he speaks.

“Yes, it’s me, Mr. Morrison. We, from Glamour Magazine, are here to interview you. Thank you for accepting our invitation. I must apologize for being rude to you at the auction last time.”

Benedict smiled and his eyes formed two beautiful crescents, making him look cute.

“I’m old friends with Fabian, so of course I have to do him this favor. But I never expected him to send you for this interview. How interesting.” He said.

Benedict knows Finnick. Naturally, he knows Fabian as well.

The Morrison family was one of the three most prominent families in Sunshine City. The Morrison family, Jackson family, and Norton family were all related somehow as they had business dealings with each other and they had supported each other’s business for many generations.

Antiques were the Morrisons’ main business. Their business extended beyond the country and they were well known in Sunshine City. The ancestors of the Morrison family were scholars. They were all knowledgeable when it came to history and antiques. That made them very influential in the industry.

The Norton family had a military background, so the desire for control and domineering people flowed in Finnick’s blood, giving him the temperament of a tough man. If not for his legs, Vivian had a feeling that he could definitely fight on the battlefield.

On the other hand, The Jacksons had always been in the business world. They had a share in almost every industry, including real estate, F&B, etc.

Before the interview, Vivian dug up some information about Benedict so she knew the situation with the Morrison family in recent years.

Both Benedict and Evelyn lost their parents at a young age. They had relied on each other since then. The former also had to mature in his youth as he needed to support the family business and take care of his young sister.

However, a fire ten years ago took the life of his only family, Evelyn. He must’ve been devastated when that happened.

Now, Benedict was the only Morrison left, supporting the family alone. Rumors had that the glorious moment the Morrison family enjoyed was coming to an end and that it couldn’t be compared to the past anymore.

However, Vivian thought otherwise. Things with the Morrison family might be deteriorating for now, but she felt that Benedict was a wise man and that he could get through this ordeal.

After all, a starved camel was bigger than a horse. Putting those thoughts away, Vivian started the interview.

“Mr. Morrison, may I ask you some questions about the antique fair? These objects are obviously aged. Are there any stories you can share with us?” Vivian asked.

Benedict glanced at her before speaking softly, “It’s not really convenient to conduct the interview here. Come on, let’s head to my office.”

Sarah snapped out of her daydream and said quickly, “Alright! Mr. Morrison, that’s really considerate of you. You’re unlike other presidents who always pull a long face and act cool. You must be feeling the coldness in the hall and are afraid that we’d be freezing, right?”

Benedict turned to look at Vivian upon hearing Sarah’s words. Other presidents who always pull a long face – Why does it sound like Finnick…

Vivian hung her head awkwardly.

The corner of his lips tilted upwards as he found her action cute. He didn’t hate her. But because of Finnick, he felt a slight resentment towards her.

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