Never Late, Never Away Chapter 247

“That’s right. A dead person can’t be brought back to life. So, could his love for you last forever? Vivian, it wasn’t really wrong of him to run away and left Evelyn. No one should risk their lives for someone else anyways. But I just hate that he wouldn’t admit it.”

Vivian quickly explained, “Sometimes the truth that everyone believes in might not be real. Why can’t all of you leave Finnick alone? Why should he be held accountable for something he didn’t do, Mr. Morrison?”

“Just call me Benedict. Cut that pleasantry.” He said.

“Fine. I understand that you’re devastated, Benedict. Even though I’ve never met Evelyn, I know she must be beautiful and was very likable. I also know that she must’ve loved Finnick very much. So I believe that she would’ve wanted him to live on. I would do that too if I were her. I don’t believe Finnick would abandon her. If that was the truth, then Evelyn and I have really bad tastes in men.”

Benedict studied Vivian. I see. This woman really loves Finnick. She has already fallen too deep, just like how Evelyn was.

The brother had warned Evelyn countless times that she shouldn’t get too close to Finnick, and that she must never fall for him. But Evelyn liked the man so much. She even sacrificed the prime of her life for him…

“Don’t exonerate him. You’ve only been with him for a few days. Do you think you know him well enough? I’ve known him for more than twenty years. I know him better than you do.”

Vivian knew she wouldn’t be able to clear up the conflict that had been going on for so many years. So she changed the topic, “You really love your sister, don’t you? You two must have a good relationship.”

Upon hearing her words, sorrow flashed through Benedict’s eyes. He would always think of the times he spent with Evelyn in the park when they were younger whenever he thought of her.

She would always follow him around, but he found her annoying and wouldn’t want to play with her.

It wasn’t until his parents had passed away did he realize she’s all he had. Evelyn was still so young, she needed someone to protect her. Only then did he see the responsibilities he held by.

Benedict explained, “My parents passed away more than ten years ago. Evelyn was my only family member.”

Vivian was feeling sad too.

She wanted to get down to business and interview Benedict about the antique fair, but he didn’t want to continue anymore.

“Alright, let’s end our conversation here. I’ve already said what I have to.” He said, making it clear that it was time for her to leave.

But I haven’t completed the interview for the magazine company! I can’t leave just like that.

She quickly tried, “Mr. Morrison, may I ask you a few questions about the antique fair? We won’t talk about anything else, alright?”

A hint of smile appeared at the corner of Benedict’s eyes, a mocking one, as if the words she just said were ridiculous.

“Do you really think Fabian sent you to interview me because of the antique fair? You’re truly naive, you know? No wonder Finnick could get you eating out of his hands. You kind of had it coming.”

What does he mean by that? If the reason isn’t because of the antique fair, then what is it? Are Fabian and Benedict on the same side? So many question marks popped up in Vivian’s head.

Benedict continued, “Or maybe you already knew what kind of person Finnick really is. You just wanted the title of Mrs. Norton and the benefits you could get from it, right? Vivian, you must have a great deal of patience to be able to tolerate someone as cold as Finnick.”

Benedict’s words were too rude and Vivian couldn’t stand it anymore. Well, there really isn’t any point of interviewing him anymore.

She didn’t even take a sip of the coffee he made as she stood to leave.

The man added before she left, “You better watch out, Vivian. Think about what I said. Don’t regret it in the future and blame me for not warning you.”

The interview ended with an unpleasant atmosphere.

Vivian looked listless as she made her way home.

She didn’t get to finish her interview, nor did she get to ask him any of the questions she prepared, but she was chastised by Benedict instead.

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