Never Late, Never Away Chapter 249

Vivian was in a good mood even though the interview yesterday didn’t go well.

She was humming a song as she made her way to the office when Sarah rushed to her anxiously. The latter shouted, “This is bad! Something’s happened!”

At the sight of her colleague’s expression, Vivian knew something serious must have happened. Are they closing down the company?

Since Vivian was still kept in the dark, she asked in confusion, “What’s wrong, Sarah? What happened?”

Sarah stammered as she didn’t know how to break the news.

“Come on, Sarah. I’m starting to panic here.”

The expression in Sarah’s eyes told Vivian that it had something to do with her.

After some hesitation, the former said, “Vivian, take a look at Twitter. The feed is blowing up! But try not to get angry after you see it.”

Vivian couldn’t guess what was it about, but it didn’t seem like something good. Otherwise, why would the normally blunt and straightforward Sarah be so hesitant?

She quickly opened up her Twitter and instantly froze when she saw the trending topics.

They were all about her.

Vivian William is so shameless!

Exposing Vivian William.

True colors of Mrs. Norton.

What’s going on?

Tapping on one of the topics, it was all about her personal details. Those media personalities had exposed her privacy!

It went from her graduation photos from when she was young, and her origins, family, grades from her school days to the clubs she attended…

The post also included the information of her being the Miller family’s illegitimate daughter and the rumor of her selling her body in school from two years ago.

Everyone was saying that Vivian was a love child and Rachel was a mistress who was a destructive third wheel in someone else’s marriage. It was said that Vivian’s time in university was very improper. She had slept with countless men. They deemed her a dirty woman and wasn’t suitable for Finnick.

She paled upon realizing the severity of the matter.

The rumors from more than two years ago finally subsided but it was made public again. Everything sounds so real. How am I going to face other people from now on?

Besides, it was fine if she was the only one affected. But she had Finnick now. How would he be able to hold his head high again when there are rumors like this about his wife?

Vivian was completely stunned on the spot.

It felt like she had been stripped naked and was standing in front of a crowd while they criticized and made fun of her.

Everyone was throwing accusations and insults at her. There were posts and comments talking about her mother being a shameless mistress, and that she was a shameless gold-digger.

But these are not the truth!

I’m innocent! What happened two years ago wasn’t like what they had described at all.

Not only that, but my mom is also innocent too! She is the victim there! The ones who should be judged and criticized are Harvey and his family.

Vivian felt her vision darkened.

“Vivian, are you okay? You don’t look good.” Jenny asked.

Obviously, Jenny knew what had happened too.

Mom and I are probably the only ones kept in the dark about this. The look in everyone’s eyes gave Vivian the answer she needed.

Her heart sank as she answered, “I’m fine, Jenny.”

She sounded weak and her voice was soft. She didn’t have the energy to think about other stuff anymore.

The office was abnormally quiet with only the sounds of keyboards clicking away.

Luckily, Shannon said that she wouldn’t be back till noon since she’s off for an interview. Otherwise, Vivian wouldn’t be able to stand it in the office. The words from that woman’s mouth could kill someone.

Vivian tried hard to not be affected by the posts on Twitter. But she couldn’t help but take another look.

As time went by, rumors continued to fester.

There were even chat histories on Twitter, titling as ‘Those Who Are Involved’. The exaggerated contents were obviously slandering Vivian. Everything was blunt and absolutely unkind.

They were shared and reposted countless times, with different types of opinions popping up on the feed.

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