Never Late, Never Away Chapter 250

How could an illegitimate child be worthy of the president of Finnor Group? Isn’t that too absurd? Class dismissed!

Mrs. Norton’s background is so strange. No wonder Finnick wants to keep it a secret. Not only is she an illegitimate child, but her mother is also a disreputable woman. Finnick, you have been deceived!

Finnick’s mother-in-law is a shameless homewrecker. Both mother and daughter are skanks!

What a b*tch. She was even selling her body during her university days. That’s utterly shameless.

I knew her when I was in university, and she was a whore back then. She’s a dirty woman who goes around hooking up with men.

Vivian bit her lip and held back her tears.

There was an online video of an unknown person interviewing Vivian’s former university classmates.

Anonymous man: You were Vivian’s university classmate and also the class monitor. You should know her quite well then. Is she the type who sleeps around as rumored online?

Class monitor: Hm… It’s been so many years, so why bring it up again? Anyway… I better stop talking. I wouldn’t want to offend anyone. All I can say is she has a bad reputation.

Anonymous man: It looks like you are afraid to speak the truth, but I can tell that there’s more to that. We’ve found a few more classmates. Do you think they will tell the truth?

Classmate: There was a scandal back then, and many people knew about it. There were rumors that she slept around with many men.

Classmate: It seemed like she had a boyfriend. But he later found out that she slept around, so he broke up with her and went abroad. That’s all I know.

What happened two years ago came back to haunt her again. Once more, she was thrown back into hell.

She remembered how she felt those days when her classmates and lecturers looked at her disdainfully and spewed harsh words at her. Right then, she was overwhelmed by that terrible feeling again.

Had she not thought of her mother back then, Vivian would have taken her own life. But now, the scandal had resurfaced, attacking her ruthlessly until she could no longer muster the strength to fight back.

Tears were falling down her cheeks like a broken string of pearls. Vivian’s heart wrenched in pain as though she was being punched in the chest.

Muffling her cries, she ran all the way out of the office and headed to the washroom. She locked herself in a cubicle and sobbed uncontrollably.

Ken stood up and looked at Vivian’s empty desk, then he said to Sarah, “Was she crying?”

Sarah replied impatiently, “Shut up and get back to work.”

Deep down, Sarah knew that Vivian only wanted to be alone at this time, so it wouldn’t do her any good at all if she were to go and comfort her now. She let out a sigh. This is terrible. She’s in deep trouble this time.

The phone on Vivian’s table lit up with incoming calls, and they were all from Finnick and Fabian. However, Vivian was slumped on the toilet seat, sobbing her heart out.

As she sat on the toilet lid, she felt shivery and trembled uncontrollably. Beads of cold sweat were forming on her forehead.

Her past was like a nightmare that followed her everywhere she went. It was hindering her from living a happy life. She had just won over Finnick’s love, but once again, she was being knocked down by the cruel reality.

Back in the office, Sarah grew angry when she saw the interview video online. She spat, “What a bunch of wicked people. How could they go around exposing Vivian’s shortcomings? Do they even know the truth? They are just a bunch of troublemakers!”

The magazine company had an upcoming opening ceremony to cover in a hotel. It was initially arranged to be covered by Vivian. However, Fabian knew about the video circulating online. When he couldn’t get through to Vivian, he grew anxious.

He came to the office and saw that Vivian had left her phone on the table. She was nowhere to be seen. Feeling concerned, he asked Sarah about Vivian’s whereabouts. In a barely audible voice, she told him that Vivian might have gone to the washroom. But she had been away for quite a while, and she seemed to be crying.

Fabian quickly turned around and left.

Jenny glanced at Fabian’s retreating figure. She was trying to figure out what was going on but couldn’t put her finger on it. Somehow, she felt that there was something amiss about both of them from the beginning.

Ken said to Jenny, “Fabian really cares about Vivian, and it looks like he’s charmed by her. I guess I really underestimated her.”

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