Never Late, Never Away Chapter 251

Sarah sighed. “Finnick and Fabian… As long as one of these two men is in love with me, I would be willing to take the rap just like Vivian.”

Amused, she shook her head and went back to work.

Fabian walked up to the entrance of the washroom and waited for Vivian to come out.

While he was waiting for her, he suddenly remembered the time when they were in university.

Back then, Vivian was innocent and simple, like a dazzling flower.

He still remembered the time when she participated in a long-distance run at a sports event. But she had accidentally twisted her ankle during the run. Worried about her, he urged her to quit the race. However, she was stubborn and insisted on finishing it.

With that, he stayed by her side and accompanied her to complete the race.

The moment she crossed the finishing line, she collapsed to the ground. Fabian quickly carried her and rushed to the infirmary.

At that time, Vivian was so docile in his arms. She could only cling on to him helplessly.

Fabian couldn’t help but sigh at that thought. No matter how happy they were, those days were gone, and there was no turning back.

Goodbye, my youth.

And what about Vivian? Are our good times gone forever too?

Fabian had waited outside the washroom for quite some time when Vivian finally walked out with reddened and swollen eyes.

Seeing her disheveled state, he quickly stepped forward to comfort her. As he carefully supported her, he could feel how cold her body was.

“Vivian, I’m sorry.”

Looking up at Fabian, Vivian noticed that his eyes were filled with adoration.

Vivian answered, “There’s nothing to be sorry about.”

Actually, Fabian was apologizing on behalf of Ashley, but he couldn’t tell her that the person who orchestrated the horrible incident two years ago was her own sister. He was afraid that she would take things too hard.

Had Ashley not started the scandal by drugging her and getting someone to assault her sexually, Vivian would have stood with pride as the wife of a president.

Fabian said, “I’m sorry that I have not protected you well enough. I don’t deserve your love, Vivian.”

“It has nothing to do with you,” Vivian replied weakly. “Do you need anything? Why are you here?”

Fabian came here to comfort Vivian but realized that she had been crying. The scandal must have taken a huge toll on her.

He said, “Oh, are you going to W hotel to give an interview for the opening ceremony? If it’s inconvenient for you, I can arrange for someone else to go. Why don’t you take the day off today?”

So he’s here to comfort me. Vivian knew Fabian so well that she could see through his every move and expression. Her face was filled with gratitude as she looked at him.

Vivian said, “Thank you, but I think I can handle it. It’s better for me to go because it’s already been arranged. Besides, I don’t want there to be any more gossiping in the office.”


Vivian lowered her head and walked away slowly.

Fabian wanted to pull her into his arms to make her feel better. But he knew that such a move would only cause further speculations from the people in the office. Gossips and rumors would only traumatize her even more. Hence, he had no choice but to watch her walk away from him.

Upon returning to the office, Vivian applied some make-up to conceal her red-rimmed eyes. Then, she left the office together with Sarah and the others.

Her phone rang, and it was an incoming call from Finnick. After giving it some thought, she chose to ignore the call.

At that moment, she did not know how to face Finnick, and her mind was all over the place.

Everyone was silent throughout the entire journey to the hotel.

Soon, they arrived at the opening ceremony of the W Hotel.

The press and many celebrities were in attendance. Most of them recognized Vivian and gave her dirty looks.

Sarah said, “Ignore them, Vivian. They’re just busybodies.”

Unable to put up any longer, Ken said, “Smile, Vivian. Your smile will drive them mad. You didn’t do anything wrong, so you don’t have to be afraid of them. Who knows? They’re probably the ones with dirty secrets. Hmph!”

Sarah was afraid that Ken’s words would provoke Vivian, so she quickly snapped at him, “Ken, that’s enough. Get on with your work.”

When Ken saw Vivian’s pale face, he quickly kept his mouth shut.

In a listless manner, Vivian walked to the main hall.

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