Never Late, Never Away Chapter 252

Along the way, she heard many people mocking and jeering her. They deliberately uttered biting remarks within her earshot.

“How dare she show up here? Has she no shame? She’s a disgrace to the Norton family.”

“Oh, look, here comes the infamous Vivian. But she’s famous for the wrong reasons. For sleeping around, that is. She’s so thick-skinned. If I were her, I would have dug a hole and hidden in it.”

“She’s Finnick’s wife. V.M. Fund, haha, what a joke! I wonder how many times has she cuckolded him?”

“Her figure is just average, but it doesn’t stop her from selling her body. Her mother is just as bad, a mistress who seduces men.”

“I heard that she slept around with countless men. What a slut.”

The disdainful looks she received were like daggers stabbing at her heart.

Her feet felt heavy as she walked around the room. Those hurtful words she heard were like whips lashing on her body.

At this point, she felt so useless for putting her mother through all the insults and jeers along with her.

After enduring endless verbal abuse and mockery, the opening ceremony began. In an instant, the hall turned lively as firecrackers exploded and a band started performing.

The sound of joyous music and peals of laughter shot through Vivian’s aching heart. She moved away from the crowd to be alone. As she leaned against the wall in a corner, she looked up at the blue sky and wished she could fly away and disappear like a bird.

Tears rolled down her cheeks once again.

At that moment, she missed Finnick so much and longed for him to be by her side.

She quickly completed her part of the interview and then waited for Sarah and the others to finish taking photographs.

As she stood quietly at the corner, she felt that she had hit rock bottom.

She was wondering if Finnick had heard about the scandalous rumors yet. Would he be angry? Would he ignore me or kick me out of the house? What about Grandpa? If Grandpa knew about the rumors…

While Vivian was lost in her thoughts, something was happening at Finnor Group.

When Finnick arrived at the company early in the morning, a group of reporters suddenly rushed out in front of him. It was as though they had been waiting there for him, desperately wanting to get a few words from him.

Very quickly, there was a crowd at the entrance of Finnor Group.

Finnick did not know what was going on. But based on his intuition, he knew it was not a good thing.

Reporter A asked, “Mr. Norton, what do you think about your wife, Vivian?”

Reporter B asked, “Mr. Norton, do you have any explanations for your wife’s bad reputation? Are you going to continue with V.M. Fund?”

Reporter C asked, “Is Vivian really an illegitimate child? Her days in university… Oh, Mr. Norton, don’t go!”

Seeing that the reporters were all mentioning Vivian, Finnick instantly knew what this was about.

At that moment, Noah leaned closer to Finnick and whispered in his ear. With a grim expression, he informed Finnick about the scandal that was widely shared on the internet.

Immediately, Finnick’s face turned hard and cold.

He was well aware of Vivian’s past. If someone fabricated lies about it and spread them on the Internet, it would be damage Vivian’s reputation immensely.

Furthermore, he had just disclosed Vivian’s identity in such a high-profile manner, and people were able to recognize her. Coupled with the scandal that was going around, it had undoubtedly thrown Vivian into a difficult situation.

The last tinge of warmth in Finnick’s eyes faded away.

Noah turned to deal with the reporters and said, “Please don’t make up false reports. Vivian is Mr. Norton’s wife, and they love each other very much. Please ignore the rumors that are circulating. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Reporter C asked, “Mr. Norton, it’s been reported that Vivian is a sleazy woman. Her mother also has a bad reputation. What do you think about that? Have you been deceived by them?”

Finnick was shocked to realize that there was slanderous news about Vivian. No wonder the reporters had made a mad dash over here just to interview him.

Reporter A asked, “Mr. Norton, what are your thoughts on the matter? Are the things that were posted on the Internet about Vivian true? Is she an illegitimate child? Did she live a fast life in university?”

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