Never Late, Never Away Chapter 253

Before the reporter could finish, Finnick turned his wheelchair and stared him down like a ravenous beast.

The reporter promptly zipped his mouth.

Everyone was stunned by the intensity of Finnick’s reaction. The flames of his fury were fulminating, and it showed in his eyes. It was absolutely terrifying.

As everyone held their breath, the entire room went silent in his intimidating presence.

The minute he prepared to exit, they exploded again into a flurry of activity as they fired one question after another.

Finnick clenched his teeth and growled, “Enough! Shut up!”

The room fell silent once more as his anger shot through the roof.

Finnick was expressionless as he asserted in an irrefutable tone, “I know Vivian William better than anyone else.”

He was extremely worried about her. Ignoring the barrage of questions bombarding him, he reversed the wheelchair into the private elevator while the press clogged outside.

He had to find out what had happened and who dragged Vivian back into the media’s crosshair. Could it be Ashley? There must be more to this incident than meets the eye.

Noah, who stood beside him, inquired, “Mr. Norton, would you like me to look into this?”

“Yes, but come with me to the office first.”

Finnick made a call to Vivian the moment he stepped into his office. As no one picked up, Finnick’s anxiety heightened.

Revelations about Vivian’s past and the tragedy from two years ago surfaced after a quick search, and commentary on it was rife, mostly scathing ones against Vivian and Rachel.

Vivian was raised by a whore!

The appearance of Mrs. Norton belies the slut underneath. I never did like her.

Like mother, like daughter. What a pair of skanks. One is a prostitute and the other an adulteress. I won’t let them off easily if I run into them!

She’s a trashy peasant to begin with, unfit for Mr. Norton. Best to divorce her posthaste!

Finnick’s face tightened as beads of sweat broke out on his forehead.

Noah was taken aback as he had never seen Finnick this worked up before.

After some consideration, Finnick said, “I want all of these Twitter accounts that have been spreading rumors about Vivian to be shut down!”

“Yes, Mr. Norton!”

He added, “Also see to it that all related negative reports are erased or blocked by news outlets. Those who refuse to comply will be denied access to Finnor Group from here on out.”

“Understood! I’ll be right on it!” Noah nodded profusely.

“Hold up.” Finnick was determined not to let the plotters get away. “Look into Vivian’s drugging incident two years ago. Make this your immediate priority!”

Upon receiving his orders, Noah set off without a moment’s delay.

Meanwhile, at W Hotel.

Vivian was not sure how she got through the interview at the opening ceremony, but she did.

Many attendees were still hanging around, and they cast strange looks at her.

Overwhelmed with sorrow and rage, she let out a sneer.

These people are heinous and detestable! I would love to tear off their masks to see if they are indeed purer than I am.

The darkness of the human soul is more grotesque than its ugly hide.

At that thought, Vivian was repulsed to the point of nausea, and her chest hurt.

Sarah and Ken felt helpless as they didn’t know how to comfort her.

After some hesitation, Sarah said, “Screw them, Vivian. You know we believe you.”

Ken chimed in, “News on the internet is totally unreliable. Who knows if clarifications would be made tomorrow. Let’s employ human flesh search to suss out the perpetrator and sue him!”

Vivian forced a smile and said, “Thanks, guys. I’ll be fine.”

When they returned to the magazine company, Vivian spaced out as she leaned against her desk. She did not want to get on the computer as she could not handle any more of the mud slung at her mother and her.

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