Never Late, Never Away Chapter 254

Suddenly, Sarah dashed over to her, looking ecstatic. “Vivian, your husband is too cool! He’s awesome!”


Vivian wondered what Finnick did which had Sarah so bowled over.

Sarah was still hyped as she exclaimed, “Come look at this interview clip of Finnick. It’s all over the internet!” She went on to flash Vivian a big thumbs up.

Pulling out her cellphone, Vivian realized that she had eleven missed calls; three from Fabian and eight from Finnick.

She did not need to hear from Finnick to know why he was anxious to reach her. Vivian felt very touched. Still, she did not know how to face him as she felt guilty for putting him through so much trouble.

The video featured an interview that was specifically filmed to address the rumors that revolved around Vivian. The scene was quite rowdy and chaotic.

Vivian saw microphones pressed up against Finnick while Noah desperately tried to hold the reporters back and maintain order. The members of the press were in hot pursuit of Finnick’s response to her news.

Finnick was in the eye of the storm as he sat as still as a statue in his wheelchair. Though he was silent, he projected a powerful presence as he looked unwaveringly into the camera.

One of the reporters was finally able to break through the perimeters of the human barricade and get close enough to direct a question his way. “Mr. Norton, tell us your thoughts!”

Finnick turned slightly and fixated his gaze on that reporter.

The jerky camera work captured his piercing gaze.

Vivian could tell that Finnick was fuming with rage.

Although he did not raise his voice and his expression did not change, that look in his eyes was sufficient to shush the riotous crowd.

Amidst the stillness of silence, Finnick started to speak.

“I know Vivian William better than anyone else.”

His words were simple but weighty. That concise statement had those present holding their breath.

Even Vivian and the others, who were watching the interview on the screen, felt the gravity of his words.

He kept the faith and stood with Vivian even if the entire world turned its back on her.

Vivian felt tears well up in her eyes.

What had she done to deserve this?

All the anger and sorrow she had to endure throughout the day evaporated when she heard what he said.

At that moment, Vivian felt invigorated. With Finnick by her side, she felt like she would be able to weather any storm.

A huge burden had been lifted from her chest, and her heart was filled with warmth.

After a round of finger-pointing, the magazine company called it a day. Vivian briefly sorted out her stuff before she left the office.

She did not want to be subjected to unfair and baseless criticism, but as some things were difficult to explain in short order, she decided to let it go.

My conscience is clear. I have nothing to prove.

When she stepped out of the building, she spotted Finnick’s black Bentley parked by the intersection.

He had come to pick her up.

Was he here because he was concerned that I might be recognized on the subway?

Shackled by a bundle of mixed emotions, Vivian stood rooted to the spot. She was undecided on how to face Finnick.

Right then, he lowered the car window and asked in a deep voice, “You’re not getting in?”

Instantly, Vivian came running to meet his smile with hers before she got in beside him.

Finnick started the moment she hit the cushioned seat. “I’m sorry about what happened at the press conference earlier. I didn’t think through the whole process thoroughly before making the announcement about you.”

Vivian quickly shook her head. “It’s okay since I’m already used to it, but I feel bad for dragging you and the Finnor Group down. I was worried that you would be upset with me and not want anything to do with me anymore.”

“I am upset,” Finnick stated.

That led Vivian to look at him tentatively.

“I’m upset that I wasn’t able to protect you from all this.”


She shrugged in relief. “You shouldn’t blame yourself.”

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