Never Late, Never Away Chapter 255

“I’ve already started looking into what happened two years ago.”

Vivian was taken aback but came around when she understood his intentions.

Uncovering the truth would allow them to put the rumors to rest.

She had often thought long and hard about the incident. But she just could not figure out how it happened.

Vivian was contemplative. “I kept thinking whether it was because I offended someone or I was simply a victim by happenstance. Why else would anyone want to target an unworldly college girl? I had considered the possibility of someone gunning for Fabian, but I don’t think that was the case because we had already parted ways before that.”

Finnick initially shared the same thoughts as Vivian until the perpetrator actively sought to destroy evidence pertaining to the incident. That was when he knew that Vivian was not an unfortunate victim of random criminal violence. Whoever was behind it must have been someone close to either Fabian or her.

Vivian too had once cast her suspicions on Ashley and Emma. But she did not feel like they needed to resort to such extremities as they already lorded over her.

Moreover, she hardly crossed paths with Ashley when she was in college and had no quarrel with her then. There was no probable cause for Ashley to hate her enough to do what she might have done.

As a draft blew chillingly into the vehicle, Vivian drew her body closer to Finnick’s.

It was a difficult day fraught with emotions, but she felt better now that he was with her.

The corner of her lips finally curled up into a smile. Her fortunes were intertwined with that of this man’s, making them inseparable.

Vivian nestled her head onto his shoulders like a kitten and soon fell asleep soundly.

The atmosphere inside the car was peaceful. The tension built up over the course of the day dissipated from the moment Finnick laid eyes on Vivian.

As he lowered his gaze upon the woman’s restful face, he felt something tug at his heartstrings. More significantly, he felt a tenderness overcome him.

Some time passed before a call came through to Noah’s earpiece.

He hung up after a brief exchange and appeared delighted.

In a barely audible voice, Noah said to Finnick, “We have received a very important lead, Mr. Norton. I believe it would be of tremendous benefit to Mrs. Norton’s case.”

Finnick’s eyes lit up. “Have you discovered who was behind everything?”

“We don’t know who the culprit is yet, but we have found someone who was directly involved in the incident two years ago. He was sent overseas, but we’ve managed to bring him back. Our guys have locked him up in the basement to await interrogation,” Noah replied.

Finnick’s lips formed a slight smile.

Excellent news. And timely as well.

The moment has arrived for some payback.

Finnick smirked at that thought.

He wanted everyone who hurt Vivian to beg on their knees for her forgiveness and pay with their lives.

Seeing that the sleeping Vivian was breathing steadily, Finnick decided not to disturb her.

Noah then said, “We are nearly home, Mr. Norton. Shall we wake the missus?”

“That won’t be necessary. I’ll take her. Just help me get the wheelchair inside. Nobody is going to see me in my own garage anyway.”

“Will do.”

Finnick picked Vivian up and carried her into the house.

Meanwhile, Noah pushed the unoccupied wheelchair in tow.

Vivian was then brought up to the bedroom to rest.

As she looked particularly fatigued, Finnick thought that the events of the day must have left her physically and emotionally drained.

He caressed her forehead affectionately and tucked her in before he made his way out.

Soon, Finnick arrived in the basement in the company of Noah.

The culprit from two years ago was bound hand and feet in a squatting position on the floor. The shifty-eyed man did not come across to him as the decent sort.

Finnick wheeled himself over and stopped in front of the man. “What did you do two years ago? Spill it.”

Shifty Eye turned to Finnick and replied gingerly, “You look like you’re the boss. Who’d remember stuff from such a long time ago? Besides, I didn’t do anything…”

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