Never Late, Never Away Chapter 256

Instead of replying, Finnick simply smiled and swept his icy gaze across the man.

The man couldn’t help but shudder as a chill ran down his spine.

Noah then drove a kick into his side. “Do not lie to us! We’re aware of your involvement, so you’d best come clean now. Otherwise, you will experience a fate worse than death!”

Shifty Eye could tell that these two men in front of him were of considerable means. There was no way he was going to get away unscathed if the rich and powerful duo did not get what they wanted.

He finally caved in and begged. “Alright, alright, gentlemen! Just ask away! I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”

Noah brought himself level with the man on the floor. “Two years ago, were you paid to pimp a drugged woman to an old man?”

“A drugged woman… An old man…” As Shifty Eye tried his best to recall, he seemed to remember something vaguely but was uncertain about it.

Finnick grew impatient. “How could you forget so quickly the reason why you were sent overseas?”

Once again, Noah showed Shifty Eye the bottom of his boot. “Spit it out! I assure you that you do not want to mess with us.”

“Ouch! I’m trying, alright!”

Cowards who fear the strong and trample on the weak. Finnick and Noah had seen too many of these sorts.

“It looks as if you have a long list of bad deeds to go through, so you better think carefully!” Noah scowled.

“Yes! Of course!” the man answered hastily.

He was most intimidated by the gentleman in the wheelchair, who was silently observing him. Although Finnick did not utter a word, the aura that he exuded was terrifying. Shifty Eye knew that if he did not come clean, he might not be able to walk out of there.

He certainly remembered everything that happened back then because it was that woman who sent him away, and he was still pretty ticked off about that.

“Oh, that’s right! I remember now!” the man exclaimed.

He quickly recounted, “Two years ago, this cutie pie came to me. She was gorgeous and dressed real fine. I was thinking, for someone as young and loaded as her, she was pretty bold to come to me all by herself. She wanted me to find her an old fella, as ugly and dirty as I could, and promised me a big pay after the job was done.”

Finnick and Noah exchanged glances. The moment of truth was finally here! To their surprise, the mastermind was a woman!

Shifty Eye continued, “I remember her very well. She was over the moon when I found her a nasty old pervert with a gambling habit. Real generous too. She gave me a lot of money and later paid for me to go overseas. I didn’t want to because I had a wife and kids, but she threatened me. And so I went along with it because I was scared.”

Finnick asked, “What’s her name? Do you have her photo or contact number?”

The man cracked his head again. “I don’t have any photos, but she did mention a name. Like A… No, Miller! That’s it! I’m sure that’s her name because she kept rambling on about what her family does…”

Finnick and Noah echoed, “Ashley Miller!”

“Yeah! Yeah! That’s her!” the man cried.

Ashley Miller again!

This is great!

It’s perfect!

The final hint of warmth faded away from Finnick’s expression. His deep-set eyes became so dark and unfathomable that the sight chilled everyone else to the bone.

Even Noah was taken aback by him.

Shifty Eye shrunk as he averted his gaze, not daring to let out a yelp. It felt like the temperature in the room just dropped below subzero.

He tried to chase away thoughts about whether the head honcho in front of him was going to kill him. Right then, the man looked like he was going to rise from the wheelchair and get medieval on him.

The garage fell deathly silent as the only audible sound came in the form of Finnick’s icy breath.

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