Never Late, Never Away Chapter 258

The Millers are just evil! As if it were not enough that they hurt the mother, they wouldn’t let her daughter off too. This is just unforgivable!

What a vile woman to do this to her own sister! She’s worse than an animal. The heavens will punish her! May she burn in hell!

Ashley Miller should go and die! I hope Ashley Miller gets struck by lightning!

The Miller family is so wicked. We should boycott their businesses!

Her heart thumped against her chest as though she was about to keel. How am I supposed to go out and face the world?

According to another report, the stock value of Miller Enterprise plummeted out of the sky after that series of exposé was published. The monumental collapse of their stock resulted in massive losses to their business. Many clients withdrew from their collaborations, which landed the company in a state of crisis.

Ashley trembled uncontrollably as she read the news. Is the Miller family done for? Her body went limp as she slid off the edge of her seat.

Emma came forward quickly to help her up.

“Help me, Mom! Help me!” Ashley clung onto Emma’s sleeves for dear life. Her widened eyes were as hollow as that of a dead fish.

“I don’t wanna die… He! He won’t let me off the hook! Mom! I’m done for! Finished!”

“Who? Who are you referring to?” Emma was puzzled.

“Finnick! Finnick Norton!” He’s gonna get me for this, Mom!” Ashley shrieked.

She knew that even if he were not the one who informed the press, he would surely come after her.

Ashley remembered every one of his threats. In fact, she sometimes jolted awake from nightmares of them. Never had she foreseen that it was all going to come home to roost.

The mere mention of Finnick drove fear into Emma’s heart. With his capabilities, she dreaded to think what he could do to her daughter and herself.

Emma wailed, “My poor girl, what have we done to deserve this? Don’t worry. Mom’s got your back. We will take that skanky mother and daughter down with us!”

The sound of hurried footsteps was heard from the stairs as Harvey made his way toward his daughter’s room. Emma’s cursing, which blared in the corridor, was well within earshot before he reached the door.

That made him even more furious.

When Harvey stepped in, he gave both of them a piece of his mind.

“Slut!” Harvey bellowed at Emma, “I’ve heard everything! Would it have come to this if you had just left them alone? If you still haven’t learned to restrain yourself after all this, you must have grown tired of living!”

He then poured his fury onto Ashley. “You vicious little b****! To think that you did this to your own sister!”

When Emma saw Harvey yell at Ashley over Vivian, she blew up like a volcano.

“You are one to tell us off! If you had kept your grubby hands off Rachel William, would we have to deal with your wretched bastard Vivian? She must be jumping for joy over her sister and the Miller Enterprise’s downfall. She is a jinx! A menace! Our Ashley only wanted to teach her a small lesson. Did you have to make a big fuss over it?”

Ashley started bawling alongside her.

Emma continued her tirade against Harvey. “Ashley is now with child, and she is going to marry Fabian for the good of this family. What has your bastard done for us? She got married to Finnick Norton, who has brought nothing but trouble for us Millers! You should go get Vivian to crawl here on her hands and knees to ask for our forgiveness!”

Overwhelmed by the tongue lashing from Emma and the sight of the distraught Ashley, there was no outlet for his own resentment, so he chose to bottle it up.

Were it not for his own licentiousness, these women would not have turned against one another…

While Harvey sat in the house unawares, a loud boom rang out, and he quickly found himself surrounded by a squad of black ops troopers who had charged in.

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