Never Late, Never Away Chapter 26

“No, I-I can’t do this…” she stammered, taking a few steps back on shaky legs. “G-Grandpa? I’m not feeling well… I think I’ll take my leave first. I’ll definitely come back another time! I’m so sorry!”

With that, she rushed out of the private room without even looking back.

The elder Mr. Norton sneered as he watched her disappear down the corridor. “So that’s the girl you married? She’s so rude.”

Finnick glared at him. “I wouldn’t have even tried if you haven’t been breathing down my neck the whole time.”

The elder Mr. Norton widened his eyes in shock. “Y-You’re no better than her!”

He loved his youngest grandson more than anything in the world, but everything changed after the accident ten years ago. Reading his grandson’s mind became incredibly difficult.

Finnick decided that he did not want to continue the conversation any further. Pushing the wheels of his wheelchair, he made a move to leave the room as well.

“Hey! Where are you going?” the elder Mr. Norton demanded.

“I’ve lost my appetite,” Finnick said without bothering to look back. “You can eat with Mark and Fabian.”

Upon reaching the villa, Finnick heard from Molly that Vivian had locked herself in her room ever since returning.

Finnick eyes darkened, visibly annoyed.

He pushed open the door to the bedroom and saw Vivian lying face-down on the bed, still clad in her wine-red gown. Her gaze was empty and lifeless.

That only irritated Finnick even further.

He pushed himself over to the bed and stared at her with a blank expression. “Vivian, get up.”

Vivian simply ignored him, as though he was invisible.

Finnick flew into a rage. “Vivian!” he yelled. “Talk to me! Why did you come back?”

He paused as the air in the room grew colder by a few centigrade. “Are you scared of meeting my nephew Fabian?”

Vivian sat up immediately, the blank look on her face replaced by a look of disbelief.

Her face paled as she stared at him. “H-How did you know about my relationship with Fabian?” she asked, her voice trembling.

Did I just get deceived by the men I trust twice in a row?

“That’s right,” Finnick said, not even bothering to make her think otherwise. “I’m sure you know that I won’t marry a random woman on the street. I know exactly what happened to you two years ago.”

Vivian shivered as she continued to train her eyes on his face.

“So?” she asked, her throat throbbing painfully. “Were you trying to embarrass me by taking me to that gathering?”

“Embarrass you?” Finnick growled indignantly. He grabbed her wrist and squeezed it with all his might. “He’s just an ex-boyfriend! There’s nothing to worry about if you’ve already gotten over him!”

Vivian glared at the handsome man before her, her lips pursed into a thin line.

“You don’t understand,” she said after a long pause. “You don’t understand how much Fabian meant to me.”

Fabian had been her life force and her reason to live, and the pain from two years ago still felt fresh and piercing.

Can’t he just understand how much Fabian meant to me?

Finnick thought that he could not get any angrier, but he was wrong.

This stupid woman!

It’s been ten years already! Just as I thought I wouldn’t be distracted by another woman…

He knew that Fabian was her first love and her boss, and he had flown to Q City out of panic when he heard that she had gone for a business trip with Fabian.

The last thing he wanted to see was someone taking advantage of Vivian.

I should have killed that jerk Hark!

In fact, I haven’t been so emotional in a while…

This woman is challenging my patience!

How dare she confess her love for my nephew in front of me?

What am I to you, Vivian William?

“Fine. I don’t understand,” Finnick said, smirking. Without warning, he stood up from his wheelchair and shoved Vivian onto the bed. “What I do understand is that you’re my wife!”

Vivian froze the moment Finnick stood up from his wheelchair. “Y-You can stand?”

She tried to break free of his grasp to no avail. Finnick had already straddled himself over her body and held her hands down, hovering over her menacingly and covering her in the darkness of his shadow.

“Vivian…” he growled, his voice colder than ice. “I just remembered that we haven’t done anything as husband and wife yet…”

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