Never Late, Never Away Chapter 261

But Finnick was not about to let Emma take the bullet for Ashley, and he was quickly losing his patience. It was evident from his expression that he did not want to deal with the likes of Emma anymore.

When Emma saw that her pleas were falling on deaf ears, she emboldened herself and raised an accusing finger toward Vivian.

Emma screeched, “Vivian William, you slut! Had I known things would turn out this way, I would have gotten ten men to have their way with you! This is all your fault, yet you still have the cheek to stand there and watch us get humiliated! You shameless woman, bringing harm upon your own sister! May you die a million deaths! You…”

At that point, Finnick was past his tolerance threshold. Before Emma was done cussing, Noah broke away from Finnick’s side and pinned her onto the ground until she could cuss no more.

Vivian felt her heart freeze over.

As if it was not enough that they treated her unkindly on a daily basis, they even went as far as to taint her chastity, rob her of her happiness, and condemn her to the depths of infernal damnation.

What have I done to deserve a family like this?

As Vivian glared at Emma, she said in a quivering voice. “Do you two really hate me this much? What have I done to you that you have to treat me this way? No matter what, I am still part of the Miller family! You… Both of you…”

She choked up at this point.

Abruptly, Ashley let out a sinister laugh that sent chills down everyone’s spines.

All her plans had failed. Not only was Vivian standing there in one piece, she had the adoration of Finnick and had also uncovered the truth behind the plot against her.

On the other hand, Ashley fell into a trap of her own making. Now she was akin to a sacrificial lamb, disgraced and left begging for mercy. She felt like she would be better off dead.

It was not clear when exactly Ashley got cut, but she bled profusely from a deep gash on her arm. Her sleeve was dyed crimson as she lay in a pool of her own blood.

Ashley knew that she could no longer keep things under wraps, so she hollered, “What did you do to deserve this? You stole Fabian! When I saw both of you being so intimate, I was jealous and wanted to break both of you up! Fabian is mine and only someone like me is fit for him! You are only a bastard! Who the hell do you think you are to steal him from me?”

Vivian and Fabian were both stunned. Did Ashley already know Fabian back then? So Ashley had her eye on Fabian since two years ago?

Vivian did not understand. “Fabian? How? How could you have known him?”

Fabian was equally confounded as he did not recall having met Ashley before.

Ashley gritted her teeth as she reminisced about that unforgettable day.

It was that day when she fell for Fabian.

Two years ago, she went to Vivian’s college to run an errand and by chance, caught a glimpse of her riding pillion.

The rider in front was Fabian, and Ashley still remembered how he looked to this day. Looking like a prince charming in his white tank top, he smiled dazzlingly in the sun, and his eyes were focused yet emotive.

But at that time, he only had eyes for Vivian!

At that thought, her deep-seated hatred surfaced. “Because I had already seen Fabian at your school two years ago! That’s right. I fell for him right away! That’s why I must ruin you, you shameless woman! Because you are not good enough for Fabian!”

Fabian finally understood why Ashley looked at him that way when they first met.

Vivian was astonished as well. Suddenly, she remembered that when they were both little, although Ashley had many lovely and expensive dolls, she insisted on taking her ragged one. Vivian wailed helplessly as she watched Ashley snatch away the only doll she had. In fact, she cried over it for a few days.

Now that they were both adults, Ashley had gravitated to snatching her lover and destroying her sole happiness.

As Vivian stared Ashley down, her eyes and her voice turned cold. “Two years ago, Fabian was already my boyfriend. What right did you have to come between us?”

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