Never Late, Never Away Chapter 262

“Who am I?” Ashley asked her viciously, “And who do you think you are? Fabian is such a handsome and outstanding man. Does a bastard child like you deserve to be with him?”

After falling for Fabian at first sight, Ashley used her connections to find out that he wasn’t an impulsive guy but a young man from a wealthy and noble family. That fact alone made it impossible for her to resist her excitement and desire to possess him.

“So, that’s why you schemed against me and made us break up?” Vivian found it hard to believe that Ashley would do such a terrible thing. “I’m your sister. Even if you hate me and want Fabian badly, you shouldn’t scheme against me with such a despicable method. Ashley, are you aware of how much I had been hurt because of what you did?”

At the same time, Fabian’s face darkened as he stared at Ashley. If it wasn’t for Ashley, Vivian would’ve already become my wife long ago. Instead, I have to call her Aunt Vivian now.

Ashley sneered, “That’s right, I did it! Hahaha, you are now filthy to the core because another man violated you. It’s too late to say anything now!”

The crowd looked horrified at her words.

Is Ashley trying to kill herself? She will only enrage Finnick and Vivian even more if she goes on!

Fabian immediately tried to stop her. “Ashley, you should stop talking! Keep your mouth shut!”

Meanwhile, Finnick’s expression turned even colder as he tried to tamp his anger and he sneered, “Filthy? Ashley, I’m sorry to disappoint you. But the man who stayed with Vivian that night two years ago was me.”

Although Ashley was afraid, a malicious look was plastered on her face. However, upon hearing the man’s words, her face turned ghastly pale almost immediately.

“No! That’s impossible!” She then blurted, “It was obviously an old man then…”

As much as she wanted to finish her sentence, the moment when she looked into his eyes, however, she could tell that he wasn’t lying.

She was flummoxed and thunderstruck.

She never thought that not only did she fail to harm Vivian, but she ruined her own life in the process.

Meanwhile, Fabian who was standing aside was completely dumbstruck when he heard Finnick’s revelation.

But when he thought about the fact that Ashley was bearing his child, he pleaded, “Uncle Finnick, since nothing unfortunate happened two years ago, please let Ashley go.”

Finnick sneered and didn’t utter a word. But Fabian knew then that his uncle had no intention of letting Ashley go.

When Ashley heard how Fabian was pleading with Finnick for her sake, she couldn’t help but feel a slant of light appeared from the pit of despair that she was in. Tears began to stream down her face as she said, “Fabian, are you standing up for me? You can’t bear to watch me die, right?”

Since the truth was already revealed, she didn’t feel the need to disguise herself anymore in front of Fabian. Besides, she was touched to know that he treated her and her child sincerely and never thought about abandoning her.

After a while, she said, “Fabian, I really love you. In fact, I was mesmerized by you the moment I met you! I have fallen in love and am obsessed with you since then. Fabian, I will do anything for you. You have to be mine!”

At the same time, Emma also tried to help her and said, “Fabian! It’s true! Ashley suffered a lot ever since she fell in love with you! When she realized that you love Vivian, she would always hide in the house and cry all day. She’s not an evil woman, it’s just that she loves you too much that she overstepped the limits. Please forgive her!”

Although the mastermind who planned the scheme two years ago stood right before her, Vivian didn’t have to heart to vent her hatred. Instead, she felt that the truth was a ridiculous and absurd farce.

No one cared about my life and feelings for the past two years. I was humiliated, abandoned, and judged by others… No one could even begin to understand how hurtful and depressed I was.

She had to bear the mental torture all by herself as everyone around her perceived her as a slut and an inauspicious person, causing them to stay far away from her. Every man she met would either tease or loathe her.

Moreover, her heart was completely shattered because of the tragedy. If it weren’t because Finnick was willing to believe her, she dared not imagine what would happen to her in the future.

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