Never Late, Never Away Chapter 263

Vivian felt that what Emma and Ashley done were unforgivable.

Just then, Fabian wriggled free from Emma’s grip, he came up to Vivian and begged sincerely, “Vivian, considering that we used to love each other two years ago, please let Ashley go. My kid is innocent and shouldn’t be punished for what the previous generation did. Besides, regardless of her unforgivable wrongdoings, she is still your sister. You can’t change the fact that both of you are related by blood.”

Related by blood? How ridiculous. If Vivian could choose, she would rather not be born into this world. She hated the fact that they were related. She hated Harvey for taking away her mother’s happiness forcefully. Because of that, her mother was impregnated and had to give birth to her.

She had no choice but to stay alive because she was part of the Miller family. Not to mention she had to live with her merciless stepmother and half-sister as a family. For all her years as a Miller, Vivian had always hated the fact that she was related to them by blood.

Recalling back to the first time when she met Emma and Ashley, she was still young then and she wished that she could live with them harmoniously and happily when she found out they were her stepmother and half-sister. Even though she tolerated and forgave them for so many years, they never stopped envying, framing, and harming her. As such, she was completely disappointed by them now.

When she was drugged two years ago, it was fortunate that Finnick coincidentally rescued her, or else she would have been violated. Why should I ever care if I’m related to them by blood?

In their mind, they had always perceived me as an enemy, a stranger, and even a lowly woman who deserves to be violated by any man on the streets!

Vivian didn’t want to utter any word because she was tired of being betrayed and schemed against by the two wicked women.

She simply turned around and didn’t respond to Fabian.

Finnick sneered, “That’s enough. As they say, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. We must pay them back for what they did today!” He then turned and muttered, “Noah.”

“Yes, Mr. Norton.” After answering him, Noah led several sturdy men, who had been waiting outside, into the room.

Noah pointed at Ashley and Emma, he instructed the men, “Take them away and drug them. You may do anything to them afterward.”

He paused for a while and added, “But remember to record it.”

Once the men heard his instruction, they rushed forward and surrounded Ashley and Emma with an excited look on their faces.

Scared out of their wits, Ashley and Emma screamed. Fabian tried to stop them, but he was pushed aside to the wall and could do nothing.

“Mom! Save me! Don’t do this! No!” Ashley shrieked and cried frantically. “Fabian! Save me! Let go of me…”

Fabian grabbed Finnick and begged pitifully, “Uncle! Please, I’m begging you! You’ll kill my child if you do this! Finnick, you can’t be that cruel. The child is a part of the Norton family!”

Meanwhile, Vivian gnashed her teeth and shut her eyes.

Finnick sneered, “Fabian, I suggest that you stay out of this.”

With sinister smiles on their faces, the men began to pour ecstasy drugs into Emma and Ashley’s mouths.

Vivian was a little afraid and dared not look at them. As she leaned against Finnick’s chest, she felt that her hands were icy cold. For a moment, she could feel her resolve weakened.

However, Emma and Ashley didn’t regret what they did to her at all. Instead, they were hurling obscenities at her and accusing her of being an evil wench.

And here I am almost pitying them… Fine, I’ll let Finnick handle everything. I can take this as me avenging my mother as well.

As kind-hearted as Vivian was, she wasn’t a saint who could tolerate all kinds of torture. Since Ashley was cruel enough to treat me like an animal, there’s no need for me to pity her.

Just when Ashley and Emma were about to be violated, however, Noah suddenly received a phone call. In the next moment, his face paled.

Why… Why is this happening?

Considering the gravity of the situation, he decided to stop Finnick and the men immediately.

He rushed toward Finnick and whispered in his ears.

Upon hearing his words, Finnick turned pale too and raised his hand as a sign to stop the men.

“Stop! Stop now!” Noah came up and stopped them.

The men had almost poured the drugged drinks into Ashley and Emma’s mouths. The sudden command caused them to jolt in shock and they spilled the drinks all over Ashley and Emma.

After that, Noah asked the men to leave the room.

Ashley and Emma went weak at the knees and were petrified.

On the other hand, Fabian was surprised but doubtful at the same time. Why did Finnick suddenly order them to stop?

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